How Many Backlinks Should I Build for My SEO Clients Per Month?

This question was sent in by Alan and Alan asks, “How many backlinks should I build per month for my SEO clients?”

This is such a terrible question because you really shouldn’t be concerning yourself with the number of links you’re building, but more-so the quality of those links. So this really is a “quality over quantity” thing. Having said that  that I do know that for each billing cycle within my own business I try and squeeze in 5 guests posts, which are of course pieces of content published on external sites linking back to my client sites, so if the client is paying $2,500 a month, I’ll be pushing a 5 blog post (onsite) on the actual clients website and in addition to that – 5 guests posts (offsite)

I do kind of metre the amount of links that I build per month, but I also to take into account the costs associated with that work, which includes creating content, performing outreach and everything else – as well as research and mapping out the desired anchor text and target pages. All of that stuff takes time so it’s not just a cost associated just with the link itself – I have staff to pay, my own time, plus operational costs (software etc)

You’ve got to be careful what you define as a “deliverable”. It should never be a case of “Okay, the client’s paying $500 a month, so I need to get 3 links”. Instead you should be taking into account the time and effort that it takes for yourself or your team to acquire those links, and factor that in against what you’re charging, and how much profit you want to make.

In a hurry?

  • Don’t worry about the number of backlinks you create each month
  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • Never use links as a deliverable
  • There is a lot more to an SEO campaign than just links
  • Always monitor using the metrics that matter, customer enquiries, sales and leads – not links


Again its about taking into account the costs associated with creating that content (guest articles) delegating tasks, project managing, performing outreach, finding sites that are relevant to publish that information and so forth. As I said, all of that takes time – so that’s where you should be focusing your thoughts. Not sitting there thinking about how many links you should get per month. As said, it shouldn’t be about quantity, it should be about quality. A small number of quality links will be far more valuable, as opposed to hundreds and hundreds of shit links

So my answer to that would be focus on providing value – not simply how many links you should build for your clients. I would never say to a client, “Okay, this month Bob I’m going to promise you that I’m going to get 20 links” – because that’s a meaningless metric, and you surely shouldn’t be putting any emphasis on the number of links built each month. I talk about this in the training.

Of course you provide your clients with an end of month summary sheet that covers all the work performed for that month, and in that report you can include information such as the links acquired etc, but the emphasis shouldn’t simply be on a link count. That would be like a builder saying “Okay, Karen, we’ve finished building your house, its ready for you to move in – and just so you know, we used 21,598 nails”.


Any client worth working with, won’t give a shit. All clients care about is getting customers and making sales, so that’s what you should focus on. Forget about the number of links and start thinking about providing a quality service and helping your clients sell shit and get customers.

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