How Many SEO Clients Can a Small SEO Agency Realistically Handle?

ok this question was sent in by Noah and no I asked how many SEO clients can a small agency realistically handle this is an interesting question I know for most freelancers when they first start it when they’re first starting out in their business ill probably be doing everything themselves and know I certainly was when I first started I was writing the actual content I mean I was doing everything show me the content of doing the outreach the link building the on page I was handling sales invoicing I was doing absolutely everything it doesn’t take long before you reach a point of exhaustion doing that and it’s certainly not sustainable and I think I got to about five or six clients before I realise that I had something had to give because I was going to lose my mind now it’s answer this question because everyone has their own set of circumstances but for a small team say a 4 people so yourself handle content someone to handle a web development or web related tasks and someone to handle off-page optimisation or link building you can probably get away with about between 20 and 30 clients any more than that and you’re going to have to start hiring more staff who within my business I have three virtual staff not not including myself so 4 and occasionally I have an admin girl that helps out with general tasks such as data entry and publishing and so forth and I know that I maxed out at around 20 clients that got the got pretty stressful now having said that I’ve never run an agency where I with 20 staff or even 10 staff so I couldn’t really say but I think I given given all things are equal depending upon the workload of course and how many hours you’re providing fresh campaign you gonna have to because you take on more clients and it’s probably you got to a point where you need to take into consideration the actual ratio so clients can one staff member handle no I know that one staff member won’t be all the work per campaign but certainly once you spread everything around that’s essentially where you end up you end up with you know so so you got three staff members and you’ve got 20 clients well chances are by the time you get to 40 or 50 clients then you might need to double that so the number of clients doubles and perhaps the number of staff member staff members might double also said I’ve never run a medium or large scale large sized agency so I couldn’t I couldn’t say with absolute certainty but I know that within my business I have three virtual staff do half a million dollars a year with anywhere between usually anywhere between 8 to 15 clients at any one time charging $2,500 a month I made the decisions I didn’t want to run an agency I was quite comfortable working from home girl agency with you know 50 staff and 500 clients just wasn’t for me it all seemed too stressful

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