How to Get More SEO Clients?

Okay here’s a question from Kylie, and Kylie asks “How do I get more SEO clients?”

This is a fairly typical question, and it’s certainly one that that most of my private coaching clients ask – especially freelancers.

There’s a couple of things that I want to say it first before I answer the question. Firstly to share with you what I did and also some other strategies that I’ve seen work really well.

One thing that you should be mindful of before you start obsessing about clients, and this was a decision that I made in my business early, and that was – that I didn’t want a lot of clients. This is simply because I didn’t want the stress of having too much work, more than I could handle.

I think a lot of SEO freelancers in particular have this belief that in order to make a lot of money, they need a lot of clients which really isn’t true. Within my SEO business, I have anywhere between 8 to 12 clients at a time, paying $2,500 a month.

Now at these rates, you’ve only got to have 10 clients and you can be making $25,000 a month, which is roughly $300,000 a year. Now if you add on top of that the occasional web build, say, one or two web builds a month for say, $7,000 or $10,000 – it’s quite easy to get up around a half a million dollars a year.

So I’m always mindful of that when I get asked question, “How can I get more SEO clients?”

One piece of advice that I always give is this – you want fewer, higher playing clients. You’re much better off having two clients paying $5,000 a month rather than 10 clients paying $1,000 a month. Now some may not agree with that, and say, “You’re better off having more clients – because if one or two cancel, you’re screwed” and that’s somewhat true.

But to me, it makes much more sense to have fewer clients, and be making more money. Rather than having hundreds of clients and be potentially making the same amount of money or perhaps even less – with a lot more stress.

In a hurry?

  • Sometimes you don’t need more clients, you need to charge more
  • You want fewer, higher paying clients
  • Get out there and network, hand out cards, introduce yourself
  • Avoid cold calling and cold emailing, it’s shit
  • Do something different – send postcards, send letters in the mail. Stand out.


Now this might interest you, but a number of people that have done my training have actually reduced the number of clients that they currently have and have increased their earnings. This has been done because they’ve upped their rates from $800 a month, to $1,800 a month, lost a few clients who complained about the price increase, but kept most – and in the end, are now making more money and managing fewer campaigns.

This is what I cover in the training. Sometimes it’s not about having more clients, it’s simply a matter of charging more for your services. So that’s definitely something to be mindful of.

In terms of how I got my clients, I certainly didn’t do anything fancy. I had a whole bunch of business cards printed out, and drove around banging on doors, shaking hands and kissing babies. I also did a lot of networking at local business events, and meetups and basically just tried to network as much as possible. In other words I didn’t try and do everything sitting at my desk. I got out there and rubbed shoulders with people and kept my it face to face.

Something else that worked well for me was partnerships. Reaching out to freelance web developers on LinkedIn. As well as other digital marketing agencies that weren’t provided SEO – so they might have been providing web design, social media marketing, email, graphic design, video marketing – essentially anything in the online space – but they weren’t doing SEO. That makes sense because those people already have a client base of potential prospects who might be looking for SEO. You can offer an incentive such as paid referrals for anyone that they send your way.

Of course there are a number of other ways that you can get SEO clients – such as doing video audits (I recommend using something like Loom for this) sending out letters or postcards in the mail, or just reaching out to people directly. One thing that I’m not a big fan of is cold calling and cold emailing. I think that stuff is junk and it’s certainly not anything that I did. I mean let’s face it – getting that shit in your inbox with people making promises of “first page in Google” is just fucking annoying.

Personally, I think you’re best off banging on doors, networking and introducing yourself rather than sending someone an email. 99% of business owners get bombarded with that shit 24/7 and it will just go straight in the bin.

One thing that I will say is that it’s always easiest to get more clients, simply by asking the client’s that you already have for referrals. This is certainly something that works well, and it’s still something I do within my own SEO business. At the end of each month I hold what I call an “end of month strategy call” and on every call I remind them about sending me referrals.

The outcome here has certainly been interesting. Clients aren’t interested in being paid for the referrals. Instead, they’d rather me put a few free hours towards their own campaign. So it really doesn’t cost me much at all – just time. What I like most about getting clients this way is that unlike random calls and emails – they’re warm leads.

Prospects approaching you that have been sent over by friends or business colleagues are going to be coming through from people that they trust – and this makes closing the deal a whole lot easier.

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