SEO Project Management Template [Free Download]

task management is constantly overlooked by means of corporations as it simply isn’t sexy.

It has nothing to do with the cutting-edge methods, hacks or using boom. challenge management is sincerely about staying organized and accountable for what needs to get completed.

With so many transferring portions that go into an advanced seo campaign, you’ll fail without a machine to manage the entirety.

in this put up, I’m going to cowl:

  • a way to build right approaches to scale your organization’s production
  • a way to quickly build and control mission plans
  • the usage of our seo challenge plan templates
  • permit’s dive in.

It’s all approximately the manner
gear like Asana, Basecamp, Trello, Google Sheets (etc) are super, however they’re challenge control gear, not solutions.

To execute seo campaigns at the highest degree you want a system. Why?

if you haven’t observed, The Blueprint is our manner. I evolved these “five stages” over a long time frame. at the same time as you’re welcome to adopt them in your very own exercise, we need to speak approximately building a methods mainly to your agency.

building your company’s strategies
Our “five levels” began as listing of objects on a serviette. It grew into a framework that helped me sell my organization.

Blueprint __ aggressive analysis
grab some thing to write with and permit’s talk about how to construct methods on your employer.

you could begin by using asking yourself this query…

in case you were to build the best search engine optimization marketing campaign, with out limitations (i.e. price range, timing, assets), what would you do?

At a completely excessive level, it must be the chunks of labor you need to execute a marketing campaign.

excessive stage seo system

however, this isn’t a method, it’s a framework. To build a technique, we want to amplify on every chunk.

searching on the “technical corrections” block, an instance technique is probably:

Technical corrections system

  • Get access to client’s GSC, GA and GTM
  • move slowly the website
  • evaluate indexation status in Google seek Console
  • assessment use of XML sitemaps in Google seek Console
  • review directives in Robots.txt record
  • evaluate use of canonical tags (need Screaming Frog crawl)
  • review use of Schema on key landing pages (Google’s tool)
  • evaluate velocity of key touchdown pages (Google’s device)
  • and so forth…

A high stage view of this manner might look something just like the picture underneath.

technical audit procedure
however there’s nonetheless greater paintings to do…we will move deeper.

for example, every of the objects listed in the technical corrections technique may be increased into sub procedures.

301 redirect review sub manner

Open internet site crawl in Excel
filter out Column L (repute codes) in spreadsheet
Crosscheck 301 redirects to make sure they’re mapped to the right URL
check for redirect “hops” (aka whilst a URL is redirected extra than once)
and so on
A visualization of this sub manner may appear like the picture under.

manner for seo distinct
that is a tedious process, I recognize, however it desires to be done for each section of your framework.

To recap:

construct a framework – the excessive stage manual to executing an excellent seo marketing campaign.
Map out procedures – a checklist to execute every section of the framework.
Create sub process documentation – distinct schooling files detailing your methods.
at the very least, you must build a framework and report the approaches of every segment.

however I strongly endorse you make an effort to develop the sub strategies. those will function schooling that your group of workers can comply with to execute the work.

if you have your carrier targeted to this level of granularity, profitability skyrockets.

You’re able to spend much less time worrying approximately service delivery and greater time targeted on getting seo clients.
You’re capable of lease team of workers with much less experience (aka lower price) due to the fact all they must do is follow procedure docs to do their activity.
building strategies SUCKS
So we did it for you…take a look at them out

find out greater
constructing a task plan for an seo marketing campaign
we’ve got some templated assignment plan we use for various scopes of labor and marketing campaign sorts.

underneath is a screenshot of what it looks as if.

you may think this is a mistake to apply a template…it’s now not.

Having a prebuilt plan permits us to quickly onboard new campaigns and personalize at the fly.

for example:

If the marketing campaign is for a small WordPress website there’s a great risk there’s no technical seo troubles. you may need to push the technical audit returned 6 months and circulate up gadgets like content material advent. if you discover your website has appreciably much less authority than your competition, then hyperlink acquisition ought to be a top priority. you can want to begin prospecting for hyperlink opportunities on day 1 in place of day ninety.

The point is it’s 10 instances less difficult to edit than construct from the ground up. as soon as it’s built, it maintains to conform with the marketing campaign. Our project managers alternate plans day by day for some of our large clients.

duties, Deliverables and movement objects
project plans float through the venture + deliverable + movement technique. this is a machine we advanced to make certain that the work we have been doing wasn’t falling among the cracks.

the exact objects that want to get carried out in order to finish a deliverable. seeing that there are frequently multiple elements to a deliverable, they need to be accounted for. We tune the “popularity” of tasks as they map into crowning glory of the larger deliverable.

those are the items that “circulate the needle” on the marketing campaign. For us, these are also the gadgets that get sent to the patron. these are always tangible objects that can be sent and mentioned.for example, key-word research is a document the customer can examine and understand how it’s going to help them grow their traffic. adding key phrases to rank monitoring software isn’t a deliverable, that might be a assignment that maps to monthly reporting.

After a deliverable is finished, there are regularly “movements” that want to be taken to put into effect. for example, in case you entire an “on web page” assessment to your internet site, you may probably want to change web page titles, internal linking, and so on. if you don’t well manipulate those movement items matters will fall thru the cracks and your campaign will fail.


Deliverable = key-word research
tasks =
find primary and secondary key phrases for effect pages
Assigned “adventure” (aka purpose) to every keyword
examine pinnacle 3 effects for each key-word (hyperlinks, DA, and so forth)
construct KW studies deck + create analysis for client
moves =
Approve listing of keywords
Prioritize the list of keywords
add keywords to rank tracker

Layering on a challenge control device
The duties > Deliverables > motion items device changed into vital to our organization’s operations. We couldn’t find a mission management tool that could aid it…so we built our personal.

The device runs within the Google Suite and is built in particular for handling seo campaigns.

test OUT OUR tool
It’s constructed for seo businesses.

discover extra
this is what our assignment management record looks as if. It appears complicated, but I promise it’s a easy solution. We track all of our customers / initiatives in a unmarried document, this lets in me to take a peek once I need to and understand in which a consumer is of their marketing campaign.

display screen Shot 2017 12 21 at 3.35.forty PM
you could watch this quick video to get an outline of how it all features:

let me run you thru the principle functionality of it as well.

obligations tab
this is wherein we residence the everyday responsibilities that need of entirety – aka our challenge plan. it consists of:

  • project begin date. The date the undertaking wishes to be start.
  • project completion date. The cut-off date for that undertaking to be finished.
  • owner. the individual that is assigned to finish the assignment.
  • project. For us, this means the purchaser that challenge is for. in case you’re an in house marketer, you may use distinct advertising strategies (i.e. layout, social, paid search, etc)
  • Deliverable. The deliverable that the assignment maps to (i.e. keyword research).
  • venture. unique object needed to finish the deliverable.
  • repute. where that undertaking is on the street to of completion (i.e. scheduled, running, delated, past due, finished, and so on).
  • Template. in this column we drop a hyperlink to the template for that deliverable. All of our deliverables use the equal template this is changed for the consumer. for instance, a technical audit follows the equal template. This keeps us organized, streamlined and makes new rent onboarding tons easier.
  • Presentation. If there is a presentation deck connected to the deliverable, the link is going right here. as an instance, we don’t like to simply ship a purchaser a list of 1,000 keywords. we have a template Google Slides deck we use to layer on evaluation and explanation of the deliverable.
  • training. the entirety we do has a training attached to it. this is a big part of constructing a purposeful method that scales. We don’t just ask someone to do keyword studies, we’ve a grade by grade procedure + video education collection for them to analyze our manner to do (aka, the right manner). this is why we’re capable of use so much offshore hard work and still supply better excellent work than any employer within the world (yeah, I went there).
  • Notes. Any internal communication that takes place between team members.

Deliverables tab
After a undertaking is marked as “finished”, the Google Sheets file routinely actions it to the Deliverables tab for evaluate (earlier than sending to consumer):

movements tab
anything that requires further motion gets brought to the following tab, moves:

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