What Are the Best Ways to Get Backlinks for your Clients?

this question was sent in by Nicholas and Nicholas asks for those working in an SEO agency what is your strategy for finding backlinks for your clients there’s two well it’s actually 3 plays that I three strategies that I implement within my own SEO business one foundational links is directories in citations that stuff should never be abused can I say business directories I’m talking about highly ranked moderated directories and of course all the big directories White Pages Yellow Pages Yelp true local all of those big and you shouldn’t be really building purely for an SEO reasons only I like to have a presence in those places because it can help with local SEO and it also comes in a play with something’s I call an SEO assist with someone might go to Google a search they land on yellow pages that scroll through the listings are find a client’s website that click on that result and then they make their way through to the client’s website that pick up the phone and make a call so that’s really like an SEO assist so so found our foundational link building should be a starting point as I said for that Business Directory citations and so forth and actually probably all tie in with your local SEO efforts Google my business and so forth I probably list engineering and this is essentially where you can reverse engineer are the direct competitors within the space so for example if I have a client in the pest control space that client who is competitors are a reverse engineer the link profiles for all those our competitors collectively I put all of that information into a spreadsheet using something like a 8 dress you can scan the pause pause that all that information down put it into a spreadsheet and then you can essentially look at sort that stuff from best links down or Domain authority descending so you looking at the quality links first and work towards replicating those good quality links for your client and when you do that you can find a lot of link building opportunities or perhaps even some outreach opportunities that would have gone missed otherwise it’s always worthwhile reverse engineering also indirect competitors so if I got two if I have a client base in Australia take a look at other pest control companies in other countries so I might look in New Zealand United States Canada the UK and so forth lastly is guests posts and I know this people that frown and carry on about gas posts and how they don’t work they are solutely do and in terms of gas place look this is about relevancy you should just be blast and gas pass out all over the place so if you have a client and they sell red widgets then you should be creating a piece of content that’s highly relevant to read widgets reaching out to other side owners that sell red widgets who accept guest posts I have that content published there that that links back to your client site it again it’s all about relevancy so making sure that the source and destination Target page and everything else is highly relevant and that’s where it becomes very powerful it doesn’t work so well if your polishing a guest post on a site about you know trampolines if you’re talking about computer software so it all it’s all about relevancy in one I want to say is that covered in a previous post it’s about not only relevancy but also quality only getting links from relevant sites that are obviously high quality just be blasting link sale over the place so they’re the three main link 9 ways or strategies rather of how I get links can I get good results doing that

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