Less Services, More Money – Stop Trying to Do Everything

Have you ever found yourself on a call with a prospect saying something like this –

  • “Sure I can help you with FB ads”
  • “Yes, I do Adwords”
  • “Yes, we can help you with your email sign up form”
  • “Absolutely we can help with your SEO needs”
  • “We also provide web design and we do stationery too”

Only to then hang up the phone and think “What the fuck did I just do?”

I know when I first started my business that I made this mistake far too many times, simply because I was desperate for clients and needed the money. However it was the worst thing I could’ve done because all it did was cause a lot of never ending problems.

Saying yes all the time can bury you, and it’s a huge problem unless you’re clear about what you do.

Why saying yes to shit you don’t do is stupid

Saying yes to everything that gets thrown at you out of impulse is one thing, but making a conscious decision to try and offer every fucking service possible, is just stupidity – especially if you’re a freelancer or soloist.

I speak with a lot of coaching clients and it amazes me just how busy they are doing meaningless shit.

For example, when I ask them what services they provide, they’ll often reply with a shopping list of options.

They’ll be offering –

  • SEO
  • graphic design
  • email marketing
  • web design
  • social media services
  • FB ads
  • pay per click and on and on and on….

Infact I recall once sitting at a cafe with a freelance web designer who must’ve spent about 5 minutes explaining all the different service offerings she provided. It was absolutely mental. She started with SEO, and after talking in circles, eventually ended up telling me that she also did embroidery.


Trying to do everything is going to do your head in.

Be clear about what you do, and don’t do

I talk about this in my SEO coaching because it matters.

If I’m speaking with a client and they ask me, “John can you help build me a logo?” I say no. If they ask me “John can you help setup our email marketing campaign?” I say no. If they ask me “John can you please help us with our Facebook page?” I say no.

Not because I’m trying to be an asshole, but because that’s not what I do.

I do SEO. That’s it.

However I will say this, I always provide a helpful suggestion. I’ll never just leave someone hanging, unless of course it’s a really weird request (I’ve had plenty of those) But in most cases, I’ll send them to someone who I know specialises in what they’re asking for.

And that’s exactly my point.

When you’re clear about what you do – you become known for doing it, and you can specialise in just that one thing.

And not just that, but it allows you to do that one thing well, not a whole range of shit half arsed.

I see so many freelancers in particular that are providing so many services that it makes your head spin. They don’t have any processes in place and they’re just winging it, day in day out.

Do one thing well

As said, early on in my business I made the same mistake.

I found myself scribbling down notes and setting reminders and skipping around in between clients for months before I stepped back and thought “WTF am I doing?”

I stopped and made the decision to get rid of everything except SEO.


Because that’s what I was good at.

I was hopeless at making logos and setting up email marketing campaigns was about as appealing as licking socks.

But it was interesting, I hadn’t set out to offer any of this other shit – it just happened – and it happened because I kept saying yes to clients without thinking “Yeh, sure no worries, I’ll have a look at it for you”

Fucking stupid.

Go where the money is

What you should do right now is go and look over your service offerings and ask yourself what you can get rid of.

But more importantly ask yourself this – “How many of these services are actually making any money?”

If you’ve got 3 or 4 service offerings and they’re making fuck all, then get rid of them and ramp up your efforts for a service that brings in the money.

Stop mucking around with the small stuff that’s not profitable because that shits noise and it’s holding you back.

Trust me.

Building out a process

If you’re running your SEO business, or whatever it is that you’re doing and you’re not following a set process for every campaign, then you’re going to struggle big time.

Having a process is absolutely vital.

Read that again.

Having a process is absolutely vital.

When you’re providing multiple service offerings, building out a streamlined process can be very difficult because you’ll essentially be jumping from one project to the next, which is going to do your head in.

Now if you’re offering 7 different services, then you’re going to have to think about building out 7 different processes to accommodate each service. Because I know that the process that I follow for web design, is much much different to that of SEO, and I can only guess that the processes are very different again for the likes of social media and FB ads for example.

Now I don’t know about you, but just the thought of that gives me a headache.

When you only have one thing to worry about (or two) then that makes building out a solid, streamlined and efficient process, much easier.

You’ve got much less to think about, and you can actually sit down and invest the time towards building a process that works.

Reduce your services, increase your earnings

One other thing that I should mention is that when I cut back on the amount of services I was providing, I was able to invest more of my time towards the one that mattered, and in turn I was able to charge more – mainly because I could go much deeper on that service offering. I wasn’t just bouncing around all over the place.

In other words, I reduced my service offerings but increased my earnings.

Remember, you want fewer, higher paying clients.

So I would think about positioning yourself as an expert and be known for one particular thing.

Go where the money is and cut all that other shit out.

You’ll be absolutely grateful you did, and wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

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