1hr SEO Coaching Call


Need help with SEO? It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer, you’re running an agency or you’re a business owner – I can help. With more than 10,000 hours of experience, I can answer anything you throw at me. Hit me up and let’s have a chat.

Be sure to read over the details of this service below before you order.



Want to have a chat?

Perhaps you’re thinking of working with me, buying one of my products, starting an SEO business, or perhaps you’re a business owner and you’d prefer to have someone guide you through the SEO process so you can do it yourself.

Then let’s jump on a call and have a chat.

I’d be happy to go through whatever it is that you need help with in terms of implementing SEO, your SEO business, perhaps a client that you need help with – whatever it might be.

Before you order, please take note of the following –

  • Strictly no refunds for these calls
  • Calls are held on Skype, incase I need to share my screen or vice versa.
  • In terms of equipment, you’ll need the following –
    • A stable internet connection.
    • A laptop or desktop computer with the ability to screen share. Don’t try and do this shit on your phone.
    • A good microphone (you don’t need a camera)

Also, be sure that you can get through a call without any interruptions or background noise – we cant be on a call if there’s someone running around in the background with a chainsaw. As said above, I don’t provide refunds on these, so make sure you’ve got your shit ready before we jump on the call.

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