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The free strategy session is a service that I provide that allows people just like you to get in touch, ask questions and to help them decide if I’m someone they’re interested in working with. I always encourage everyone to do this first as a starting point before we work together – just to ensure that everyone’s going to be happy and we’re a good fit.

Please note –

  • One call per person, you can’t do numerous “free calls”
  • We can discuss any SEO related issue you may have, your SEO business, a difficult client, what to charge etc
  • Calls can be held via Skype, Zoom or



The free SEO strategy call is exactly that. Its a free offering I provide to let people get in touch, ask questions and see if they think I’m someone they’re interested in working with.

How it works

  • Once your order is received, I’ll send you an email and we’ll schedule our first call
  • I’m happy to host the call via Skype, Zoom or A camera isn’t necessary, just a mic if you prefer.
  • Once we’ve agreed on a date and time, we’ll jump on and have a chat
  • Yes, you can have more than 1 person on the call

It costs nothing, so what are you waiting for?

Click on the order button and when I see your request come through, we’ll jump on a call and have a chat.

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