How to Start an SEO Business


If you’ve ever thought about starting and running an SEO business or agency then this course is for you.

Inside you’ll learn strategies to get high paying clients, increase your close rates, maximise your earnings, as well as a complete step by step checklist to run and manage SEO campaigns.



The SEO business course consists essentially of everything you need to get started in your own SEO business. Whether you’re considering working from home, or starting a small agency, the SEO business course is guaranteed to help you achieve your goals in the quickest possible time. It’s no nonsense, straight to the point step by step videos are suitable for those who want to start a successful SEO business but aren’t quite sure where to begin.

Please note – This is not some bullshit $12 Udemy course full of fluffy nonsense. This course is highly actionable, built upon more than 10,000 hours of actual hands on real world experience. I show you what to do, why and how to do it as well as providing all the necessary documentation, guides and templates. In other words, this is the most comprehensive SEO business startup course available on the internet.

What you’ll learn

  • How to start an SEO business – FAST
  • How to avoid dealing with lolly scramblers and get high paying clients – ($2,000 – $4,000 per month)
  • How to implement SEO. I literally share my entire process of what I do and how I do it.
  • How to pitch and close leads effortlessly – they’ll be literally throwing money at you with my process
  • How to increase your retention rates and keep clients onboard for years at a time paying month after month
  • How to upsell clients and get them onboard for $8,000-$15,000 right away for the first month
  • What to charge, how to get paid first and ensuring that you’ll never be chasing late payments again
  • How to run, manage and co-ordinate SEO campaigns. Use my ready made step by step SEO checklist that walks you through every part of the process
  • How to demonstrate a positive ROI for your clients by tracking one super important metric
  • How to perform offpage optimisation (link building) by referencing my ready made spreadsheet. Get high quality links, fast without wasting time
  • ….and much more

Again, this isn’t some wanky $12 Udemy course. This entire course is a complete blueprint of my own business. Last year I made $477,000 working from home in my underpants with only 3 team members and no more than 15 clients at any one given time. What you’ll learn in this course will save you an enormous amount of time, money and help you fast track your efforts, so you can hit the ground running and be making money right away.

Who this training is for

The most suitable people for this coaching are –

  • Freelance web developers
  • Freelance SEO’s
  • Small to medium sized marketing agencies, and
  • Anyone that has some knowledge of SEO who wants to start their own SEO business

What you need to do this course

The course requires that you have access to the following software –

  • Ahrefs or an equivalent
  • SEMrush or an equivalent
  • Screaming Frog

There are a few more pieces of software that you’ll need but those are the main ones.

You should also have some understanding of SEO, Please don’t buy this course if you know absolutely nothing about SEO and you’re just out to make some quick money. There’s enough of that nonsense going on in this industry as it is.

How the course is delivered

Once you’ve made payment, you’ll then have immediate access to all the videos, files and everything else via your own private login. From here you can watch the training videos and learn and implement at your own pace.

Why this course isn’t cheap

There’s a number of reasons.

  • Firstly, I’m not interested in trying to sell this course to everybody. I want to ensure quality and provide highly actionable massive value that’s going to get immediate results for those that invest. I can’t do that if I’m throwing together some bullshit course for $50
  • I’m also not interested in just “building a list” and pushing my shit upon everyone. I’m not going to try some sneaky sales pitch or gimmick that sucks you in with some bullshit “free offer” of which you then have to pay $900 or something stupid to get access
  • I don’t want to waste my time, or yours. The price is what it is. You know what you’re getting, what it costs and that’s that.
  • I’m about being honest and transparent.
  • Lastly, the information that this course contains is invaluable. I’ve invested years and years to learn what it takes to build, run and manage a highly profitable SEO business. I’m not interested in just handing that over for peanuts
  • I know without a doubt that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by implementing what I show you in this course. Many of my coaching clients hit their first $10,000 month within 90 days. I have a few coaching clients that will do more than $500,000 this year.

If you have a question or want to request an alternative payment option, then get in touch.

What’s included

After making payment you’ll have instant access to all course-ware including –

  • 5 hours of video training content. Videos are broken up into modules and range from 8 minutes to 25 minutes in length.
  • A complete step by step SEO business strategy that shows you what to do, when to do it, how and why
  • SEO training – I teach you not only how to run the business but how to do SEO as well
  • All the necessary SEO documentation, contract templates and spreadsheets

In other words, this is a complete, ready to go turnkey business.

Video lessons

This course contains more than 45 training videos broken into two parts. Part 1 contains information and guidance that is essential learning so that you’re prepared and ready to begin. Part 2 contains actual point and click over the shoulder type tutorials where I show you exactly what you need to do, how and why.

Here’s an overview of what’s included in each category.

Part one

These videos cover the importance of processes, what to charge, onboarding clients, required software, getting clients, campaign management, workflow, reporting, dealing with clients and more. It’s essential that you watch these videos first before moving onto Part 2.

Module 01 – Earning potential

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 11 mins
  • Description – In this module I go through just how much money you can make in this space and how I generated almost half a million dollars last year working from home, with only 3 virtual staff and no more than 15 clients at any one given time

Module 02 – Headspace

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 12 mins
  • Description – I can show you everything you need to know and do, but that’s going to be pretty pointless if your heads not in the right place. Mindset is super important in this business, and I can share with you some pointers that changed everything for me.

Module 03 – Process

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 8 mins
  • Description – If you don’t have processes in place, then you don’t have a business. Over the past several years, I have built out and continually refined a process you can follow for each and every SEO campaign you run.

Module 04 – Clarity

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 13 mins
  • Description – Knowing what you don’t do, is just as important as knowing what you do. I’ll show you how to prevent getting bogged down in distractions and ensuring you focus your efforts where it counts.

Module 05 – Service offerings Pt1

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 8 mins
  • Description – In this module I go into detail about the service offerings I provide, and why it’s important that you avoid “trying to do everything”

Module 05 – Service offerings Pt2

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 13 mins
  • Description – In the second half of this module, I share with you a way in which has allowed me to take my business from $15,000 a month to $50,000 a month. I’m not kidding.

Module 06 – Hardware

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 4 mins
  • Description – I think its important for you to know exactly what hardware I’m using and how I have my office setup to get the kind of results I’m getting. This is only a short module, but it’s important.

Module 07 – Software Pt1

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 15 mins
  • Description – In the first half of this module I go into detail about what software I’m using within my SEO business, and make recommendations about why I use it, how much it costs, and why you should use it too.

Module 07 – Software Pt2

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 17 mins
  • Description – This is the second half of the module above.

Module 08 – Getting clients

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 19 mins
  • Description – In this module I share with you 5 ways how I got clients, and continue to get clients within my own SEO business even today. Some aren’t pretty, but they work.

Module 09 – What to charge Pt1

  • Format – (MP4)
  • Duration – 20 mins
  • Description – In this module I go into detail about how much to charge, how to structure your pricing, covering your rates, and the importance of only dealing with high paying clients.($2,000 – $4,000 per month)

Want to get an inside look into what this course is like? [DOWNLOAD THIS MODULE FOR FREE]

Module 09 – What to charge Pt2

  • Format – (MP4)
  • Duration – 12 mins
  • Description – This is the second half of the module above.

Module 10 – Handling payments

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 8 mins
  • Description – In this module I cover how I handle payments, getting paid in advance and how to prevent from being “burnt” by assholes.

Module 11 – Onboarding

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 12 mins
  • Description – If you’re saying yes to everyone you’re screwed. In this module I’m going to touch on the importance of having an onboarding process, prequalifying clients and ensuring the people you work with are a good fit.

Module 12 – Legal stuff

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 10 mins
  • Description – I’m certainly not a lawyer, but I think it’s important that we at least touch on some of the basics.

Module 13 – Staff

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 18 mins
  • Description – In this module I show you how to hire, fire and do everything else in between with staff. Staff are your backbone and their assistance within your business is crucial. I also show you where I find good help.

Module 14 – Managing workflow

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 20 mins
  • Description – Managing workflow is critical, especially as you get busier. This touches back on the importance of having a process and following it.

Want to get an inside look into what this course is like? [DOWNLOAD THIS MODULE FOR FREE]

Module 15 – Campaign management

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 9 mins
  • Description – In this module I share with you the way in which I structure my campaigns and how I handle getting the work done, meeting deadlines, processing reports and holding end of month strategy calls.

Module 16 – Dealing with clients

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 27 mins
  • Description – The way in which you interact with clients can make or break you. In this module I touch on the importance of educating the client, setting expectations and being honest and transparent. I also touch on how to handle difficult clients and what to do when some clients become problematic.

Module 17 – Reporting

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 11 mins
  • Description – In this module I show you how I generate reports for clients, how keeping it simple is important and how I demonstrate ROI to keep clients happy and working with me long term.

Part two

These videos contain actual over the shoulder type learning. Watch in where I show you exactly what to do, how and why. As well as provide invaluable guidance, tips and advice so you can avoid costly mistakes and land high paying clients all day long.

Module 01 – Setting up Asana

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 6 mins
  • Description – In this module I show you how to import your ready made SEO checklist into Asana. This will be your go to project management tool for all your active campaigns.

Module 02 – Asana tips and hints

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 14 mins
  • Description – In this module I share a few handy tips and hints that I’ve learned that will help you work efficiently and ensure your projects stay in order and on track.

Module 03 – Telephone run sheet Pt1

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration – 24 mins
  • Description – In this module I introduce you to the telephone run sheet. This is the most important document (amongst several others that I provide) that will prevent having to deal with idiots, and ensuring you only work with qualified leads that have marketing budgets. I show you what to say, how to say it and what mistakes to avoid when you speaking with new prospects on the phone. This is a long video so I’ve split it up into two modules.

Module 04 – Telephone run sheet Pt2

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration –  21 mins
  • Description – This is a continuation on from the previous module.

Module 05 – Scheduling the presentation

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration –  4 mins
  • Description – In this short video I show you how to go about scheduling the call for the next step in the sales process – the presentation. This might seem trivial but it’s important that you follow a process.

Module 06 – The sales presentation Pt1

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration –  10 mins
  • Description – In this module I introduce you to the sales presentation powerpoint slide deck. I touch on its purpose, how and when to use it, along with why its a crucial part of your sales process.

Module 07 – The sales presentation Pt2

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration –  26 mins
  • Description – In this module I show you to how to go about preparing the sales presentation. I go into detail about how to prepare the slides, what to include and as well as that, how to perform a low level audit on the clients site so you can impress them and have them eager to sign up.

Module 08 – The sales presentation Pt3

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration –  52 mins
  • Description – In this module I show you to how to go about hosting the sales presentation. This is a long video, so be sure to set aside some time to watch all of it. I share with you an actual presentation (a real one) from within my own business, and explain to you, what to say, how to say it and the way I demonstrate huge value to the client. This presentation will give you a massive advantage over your competitors. No more PDF proposals, instead you’re going to be closing deals worth $2,500-$10,000 easily using what I show you here.

Module 09 – Getting started

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration –  17 mins
  • Description – In this module I cover the initial steps and referencing our checklist within Asana. This module covers, invoicing, getting paid, and working your way through the commencement of your campaign.

Module 10 – The initial call

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration –  21 mins
  • Description – In this module I walk through the next steps which is holding the initial client call. Now that payment has been received, we can spend more time with the client and go deeper to get a good understanding of how their business works, which areas are the most profitable for them, and most importantly of all, where you need to focus your efforts. I also touch on key areas such as campaign objectives, performance targets, keywords and more.

Module 11 – Website rebuild

  • Format – Video (MP4)
  • Duration –  17 mins
  • Description – Without giving too much away, fixing the clients website is a great way to a) make more money and b) help the client achieve much faster results. In this module I touch on a few key areas that you need to be mindful of if you’ve upsold the client and intend on building out a new site ahead of campaign commencement. There are a number of issues that can come about during web builds, and I cover those indepth here. I also show you real world examples of the types of sites I build and why they work.

Document contracts, spreadsheet templates and more

In addition to the video training, you get copies of all my SEO documents, contracts, spreadsheet templates, notes and more. The following contract templates are included –

Asana Template

  • Filename – SEO_Project_Template
  • Format – MS CSV (.csv)
  • Size – 8kb
  • Description – This file contains all tasks required for campaign management. Simply import this into Asana and you will have a ready made project management checklist that you can use for every single SEO campaign.

Technical stuff

  • Filename – dashboards
  • Format – Textfile (.txt)
  • Size – 1kb
  • Description – This notepad file contains the shareable URls to the custom dashboards I have created that I use for all my Google Analytics reporting. Just copy the URls in the file and paste them straight into the browser. These custom dashboards are basic in nature, but they help focus on demonstrating an ROI for all your campaigns, which is crucial
  • Filename – goal-tracking
  • Format – Textfile (.txt)
  • Size – 3kb
  • Description – This notepad file contains all the code required in order to setup goal tracking for your clients sites. Simply copy the code and paste it into your forms, and setup goals within Google Analytics. I show you how to do this in the training videos
  • Filename – redirect-https
  • Format – Textfile (.txt)
  • Size – 1kb
  • Description – This notepad file contains the required code to ensure all visitor traffic is redirected to the HTTPS version of your clients web address. Simply copy and paste it straight into the htaccess file
  • Filename – 301-redirect-planner
  • Format – MS Excel (.xls)
  • Size – 1kb
  • Description – This is a handy spreadsheet to have that will make planning and performing large site updates and changes in site structure much much easier.

Sales document templates

  • Filename – 02_telephone run sheet
  • Format – MS Word (.doc)
  • Size – 81kb (3 pages)
  • Description – This is the exact telephone run sheet that I use within my own business. Having this run sheet is crucial when speaking with new enquiries over the phone. It helps frame the call, control the direction of the conversation, prevent time wasting and prequalify the lead. I show you how to use this document within the training videos.
  • Filename – 03_seo presentation
  • Format – MS Powerpoint (.ppt)
  • Size – 962kb (27 slides)
  • Description – This sales presentation slide deck has helped me secure more than half a million dollars worth of SEO deals. Its provided as a template so you can just fill in the blank and use it. Using this as part of your sales process will help you crush your competitors, and ensure you close just about every enquiry that comes in.

Request for information

  • Filename – _password inventory
  • Format – MS Word (.doc)
  • Size – 74kb (2 pages)
  • Description – This is a simple document that you can have clients fill out before starting the campaign. You’ll want to do this so you have access where necessary (cPanel, site logins, FTP, Google etc) and any other needed access.
  • Filename – _business information
  • Format – MS Word (.doc)
  • Size – 95kb (4 pages)
  • Description – Use this document to get all the clients business information. This is helpful especially before you start foundational link building. Its also useful for invoicing and other administrative tasks.

Services agreement

  • Filename – _services agreement
  • Format – MS Word (.doc)
  • Size – 94kb (10 pages)
  • Description – This services agreement can be used to protect yourself and your business. Amend this services agreement to suit your needs, but be sure to seek professional legal advice before doing so.

SEO audit template

  • Filename – _seo audit
  • Format – MS Word (.doc)
  • Size – 180kb (22 pages)
  • Description – This SEO audit template is the very one I use to perform comprehensive audits for clients. I charge $750 to perform these audits and so can you. There’s one already filled out so you can use it as a guide. That’s included as an extra to this one

Offpage optimisation templates

  • Filename – offpage-optimisation-master-template
  • Format – MS Excel (.xls)
  • Size – 77kb
  • Description – This spreadsheet is going to help guide all of your offpage optimisation efforts. I go into detail about how to use this within the video training so you’ll know exactly what to do and how to use it.
  • Filename – outreach
  • Format – Textfile (.txt)
  • Size – 6kb
  • Description – This notepad file contains a number of email templates that you can use for outreach. Outreach is a great way to get high quality links from relevant websites.
  • Filename – business-categories
  • Format – Textfile (.txt)
  • Size – 10kb
  • Description – This notepad file contains a list of hundreds of business categories (shoes, hobbies, home decor, sports, fishing, plumbing etc) Use this list to look for guest posting opportunities. How to do this is explained in the training videos.

Miscellaneous templates

  • Filename – _customer feedback form
  • Format – MS Word (.doc)
  • Size – 113kb (4 pages)
  • Description – This is a simple word document that you can send to clients once a campaign is finished. Gather feedback and learn how you can improve.
  • Filename – _work summary document
  • Format – MS Word (.doc)
  • Size – 82kb (3 pages)
  • Description – The work summary sheet is one of the most important documents that you will use within your business. At the end of each month you’ll want to fill this out with work thats been completed, work thats coming up, make recommendations and list down any generation notations. This helps enormously with retention rates. I show you how to use this template in the training videos. There is also a completed work summary sheet included for easy reference.

100% money back guarantee

I’m not in the business of putting together shit courses. I take what I do seriously, and I put a LOT of effort into creating my products with huge value in mind. Let’s face it, there’s enough crap floating around online.

Having said that, I want to give you peace of mind in knowing that all of my products are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason, you’re not happy then simply send me an email and I’ll refund your money quickly without any fuss. I’m usually always around, so your request should be processed within 24 hours, if not immediately. Of course, if there is a problem, get in touch with me first because I’m happy to do what I can to help out.

Ongoing support

Look, I’m not going to dump you in the deep end. Im happy to jump on a quick call with you and answer any questions you might have either before you buy or after.

I’m usually always around and will respond personally to any email enquiries or support requests that come through. Ill respond within hours if not immediately, so you won’t have to worry about not getting help when you need it. Be mindful that I’m based in Australia, so there might be a delay due to time differences.

Course material is constantly updated

Im not in the business of creating a course then leaving my customers hanging with outdated crap. Firstly everything in this course is built upon processes that aren’t going to work today, then be obsolete tomorrow. I do SEO the right way, built upon white hat strategies. Therefor you don’t have to worry about buying this course then finding its outdated in 6 months time.

Having said that, I am constantly updating the course, adding new material, videos, document contracts and more so that you get the best value possible. In other words, the course simply gets better and better over time.

Frequently asked questions

When do I get access to the course?
As soon as you make payment.

Do I need software to implement what you show me in this course?
Yes. I go through what software is required in the training videos. The main ones are Ahrefs, SEMrush and Screaming Frog. If you already have these, or similar tools then you might be okay, but honestly, if you don’t money to cover operational costs such as software, then don’t buy this course. This course is designed for people that are serious about setting up an SEO business and you can’t do that trying to wing it using free shit.

I only know a little bit about how to do SEO, should I buy this course?
You could, but it wouldn’t be advisable. I do cover actual SEO implementation in the training course, but it would certainly be better if you had some understanding of SEO. If you’re not sure, perhaps schedule a free 20 minute call with me first and let’s have a chat.

What if I have no clients?
I can’t wave a magic wand and promise you hundreds of clients. That’s something you’ll need to work at. I do cover how I got clients in the training course and give you my advice, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you. Having said that, if you follow my advice in the training course, you should be able to get yourself high paying clients within the first 30 days.

Why would I pay this much when I can get cheaper courses elsewhere?
I’m not interested in putting together shitty $12 training courses full of suggestive bullshit. This course is the real deal. It’s built around highly actionable processes that you can implement right away. Its a complete blueprint of my own business. This isn’t fluffy nonsense. It works, and if you do what I say in the training videos there’s no reason why you can’t be making $10,000 a month within 90 days or less. Almost all of my coaching clients make $10,000 in their first month.

Is there anyone I can speak to that’s done this training?
Yes. Contact anyone on the reviews page.

What if I need help?
There’s a couple of options. if its a quick question, just email me. If you need help that’s going to take an hour or so to cover, order an hours consultation session with me here. Alternatively, we can work together, for private coaching. More information about how that works and what’s included is covered here.

Eventually I will consider putting together a community that provides live support, but that will only happen if there’s demand for it.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy?
All of my products include a 30 day money back guarantee. All you need to do is provide purchase details (order no) and get in touch and I’ll give you your money back. Please note that once your refund request is processed, you will no longer have access to the course.

I’m a web designer and know a little bit about SEO, can you help me?
Probably. But first get in touch for a free 20 minute consultation call and let’s have a chat.

Can I have an invoice?
Sure. Once payment is made I can send you an invoice. Remember if this training is for business purposes (which it should be) then it’s all tax deductible, so it works out cheaper again.

I want to ask you something else that’s not listed here
Get in touch via a free 20 minute consultation call.

What are you waiting for?

I can promise you that this will be the best investment you’ll ever make. If you’ve been thinking about getting into SEO and running an agency, or even working as a freelancer from home, then I know that this course will be a total game changer for you.

Click on order up top, and start kicking ass.

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