FREE SEO Audit Checklist Template


This product includes a ready made 22 page SEO audit checklist template. It’s provided in Microsoft Word (.doc). Just fill in each section and you can have a professional looking audit completed in 45 minutes or less. This is the same document checklist that I use within my own business.



This checklist template is the same one I use within my own business.

Simply follow the checklist and fill in the blanks. You can have a kickass, professional audit completed in less than 45 minutes.

I charge anywhere between $500-$1,500 to do these audits, and so can you.

Here’s what the template allows you to check for the client –

  • Keyword targeting
  • Title meta tags
  • Meta description tags
  • Header tags
  • Substantive & Unique content
  • Keyword density
  • Image alt text
  • RSS
  • Google analytics
  • Canonical URl check
  • Domain name check
  • URls and naming conventions
  • Google penalty check
  • Content hierarchy/structure
  • Internal anchor text
  • Navigation
  • Site crawlability
  • Sitemap
  • XML sitemap
  • Site index ratio
  • Robots.txt
  • Site speed
  • Responsiveness
  • Duplicate content
  • Search performance
  • Search console
  • Inbound links
  • Social mediasphere

Of course you can easily add more elements to the audit, as it’s completely customisable.

Each section is broken down in a way that allows you to outline your findings, along with recommendations.

  • Analysis (what you found)
  • Recommendation (how to improve or fix it)
  • Urgency (low, medium, high, very high)
  • Rating (poor, satisfactory, good, excellent)

If you’re looking for a free template that’s ready to go, just download this one. It’s already preformatted so that you can personalise it to suit your own business. Just add the client info, your own business information, your logo, fill it out, save it as a PDF and send it to the client. It’s as easy as that.

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