Here are a few people that have done this coaching and what they’ve had to say about it

Byron Trzeciak – Pixelrush

When I first met John I was struggling to generate more than $1500 in sales per month for my business. I approached John for help and from the very first call his no BS approach quickly highlighted the glaring mistakes I was making in my sales & SEO processes. From my first interaction with John he was straight to the point, 100% honest and without any fluff. He’s one of the few in our industry that actually gives a shit about the success of those he works with, not just himself.

Since John’s coaching, and my many interactions with him over the past 4 years, my business now earns multiple six figure revenues. If you’re tired of going from paycheck to paycheck and want the confidence to charge what you’re worth, I could not recommend John more highly. Whatever it costs, just pay it, and know that if you implement his advice and work hard then the costs will be insignificant for what you will earn.

Max Matacchioni – Wicked Max

John helped lay out the foundation for starting my own SEO consulting agency and held nothing back. I now have a complete roadmap from A to Z. Johns consultancy was 100% worth every cent I paid and has given me the edge I needed to succeed.



Rhys Hughes –

I had the same feeling before committing to John’s training as I did before I bought a house. It was along the lines of “fuck, this is expensive, but it’s probably going to be good for me.”

Sure enough, like my house, the training has paid itself back multiple times over. Infact, I made my money back before I finished the training.

Fortunately for his trainees, John already had the headache of working out a clear SEO process, identifying out the most effective software, and most importantly, the business model to support everything, this is all absorbed during the course.

John was able to explain everything accurately, and while we flew through the course, I was able to ask nitty-gritty questions on subjects that I wasn’t confident on, as well as discuss my own business challenges with John. The training was the best professional development I’ve invested in, now I’m running a freelance business from home – lying on a karate mat making good money, certainly beats sitting at a red light.

In summary, if you want to take your game to the next level, invest in John’s training, you’ll high five yourself in a few months.

Paul Giannotti – Content First

John’s no-nonsense approach will rapidly upskill you in SEO using proven, white hat SEO strategies that will be around long-term. It’s a fluff free training that will leave you with a clear path for implementing SEO, either for your own business or within your agency.



Matt Gardner – Smart Web Solutions

After spending 5 minutes talking with John the first time I met him, I knew he was the guy that could really help.

My business was just getting started and I didn’t know how to make it work. I’ve always been a fast learner and things were coming together but a couple of big decisions that I had to make would either make or break me.

One of the best decision’s I made was to get John’s help, I knew the investment would pay for itself, and after the first couple of calls with John, I was able to implement the changes in my business that made it more profitable. He’s a great guy, he cuts to the chase and I’d definitely recommend getting him on-board to help if you want to take your online business to the next level.

John Curtis – Mink Media

I had the pleasure of working with John recently to discuss his processes of building quality content for SEO purposes. It was an insightful session detailing his personal and open approach to creating insightful and creative content for his clients. This strategy along with John’s approach to delivering measurable value to clients takes the guessing out of SEO and is a real eye-opener.

I would suggest anyone looking to up-skill in their business, whether it be digital marketing or any other service talk to John to get an honest unbiased opinion. He might even tell you I taught him a thing or two as well 🙂 Mink Media.