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The following are a collection of real testimonials from real people. Completely honest and unedited feedback from my members. Here's what they've had to say.

7 years running a small agency and I was almost at burn out until I came across John. On my first phone call with John before I laid down a single penny he gave it to me straight. I could quickly see why it's been a struggle and he painted a clear path to greater success with less stress. I got off the call immediately feeling empowered and enthusiastic about my business again. John isn't just a great trainer that overdelievers on every coaching call, he's one of us. He runs his own SEO business ranking client's website. A lot of speakers and trainers are phoneys. Not John, he is the real deal. He not only shares the right way to run a more profitable SEO business while having fewer higher paying clients that stay with you long term, he arms you with all the resources. Call script, sales presentations, pricing guides, templates and procedures, the list just goes on. He gives it to you on a plate, it's insane! Sure you still have to get up off your backside but hey it just makes things so much easier. John really cares about your success, I really can't thank John enough.
John Romaine is a true Rockstar. Taking his Bring The SEO Course has been a pleasure, not only from a technical SEO perspective but just to learn how John operates. He gives real information that has actually helped my agency. John's one of the good guys.
Closed a $3500 per month SEO client today. I’m about 75% through the training .
I thought I had an idea of how SEO worked but boy was I wrong, John's course opened my eyes to where I was going wrong with clients and how I could take my already profitable digital agency to the next level. I can't thank John enough for his no nonsense approach. He speaks the truth, will answer your questions and will help you take your SEO business to the next level. I couldn't recommend John and his Bring the SEO course more highly.
When I first started John's course I had no idea how to run a proper SEO campaign even though I could rank individual pages I learnt there is a lot more to be done to track actual sales and work efficiently to a checklist of tasks simple ones as well as more technical aspects. I feel so much more in control of my clients and my work now. Highly recommend taking John's course as there is just so much value included! I look forward to the continual updates John has been releasing, making my life as a an agency owner easier.
Bring the SEO lives up to its name! It is a no-fluff and all business training. It has streamlined my entire process of how I serve my clients. My favorite section of the course is the incredible worksheets that keep you on task. John provides expert knowledge and I learned much more about SEO in two months than I have in the last four years. Best of all is that the course is constantly being updated with new material.
If you want to retain clients and make more profit take this course. It will show you exactly why you only need to focus on client results and revenue. Plus, how to build a business that you can operate as a freelancer and operate with a massive team. I've taken many courses over the years and this is in the top 5. Don't wait and start today - this course will have you taking action quickly. The FB is just as good as the course so you don't have to get hung up on minor hang-ups and can focus on growing and maintaining a scalable business. Seriously, Don't wait!
I have found John's training so far to have one of the most solid, no-nonsense approaches to the business of SEO. No gimmicks, just straight forward SEO business management and execution. Very helpful if you are looking to build long lasting client relationships and a stable SEO business. Ongoing support is also readily available to help you through the course as needed and it is updated as required which is a pleasant change to alot of the courses out there.
I'm a complete sucker for online courses and have bought way too many that turned out to be underwhelming at best, complete BS at worst. This is not one of those courses. In one of the first modules John explains that this course is basically a "business in a box", which is 100% accurate. He doesn't waste time with feel-good nonsense or generalities, which is refreshing. Everything is actionable advice from someone in the trenches actually running an SEO business profitably. About a week after starting the course, I scored a web build project for 10x what I normally charge thanks to the outlook he teaches.
Through John's training, I was able to implement the correct processes in my business to perform SEO in a structured format. Beyond processes, the course teaches you how to implement best business practices which have helped me grow tremendously. I recommend the course to anyone looking to start their own SEO practice.
I've been in the SEO industry for close to a decade and I've taken A LOT of courses. Many of those courses were poorly organized, hard to follow, and lacked real value. Even with all of my experience, I still learned a ton of valuable information from this program. John's course gives you the inside scoop on important tools and processes to help you do the job more efficiently and with more impact. He also walks you through each step. This course was loaded with information that I will be using for years to come. If you're on the fence about buying this program, put it on a credit card - you'll pay it off in no time.
John's course has provided the final piece to my SEO business puzzle. It's added more structure to my processes and I'm blown away by John's transparency and willingness to share exactly how he does what he does. Thank you!
This course was a real eye opener, for someone like myself just starting out in SEO. After going through the course, I came to the realisation that 80% of the info being put out on the net was utter garbage and I had been led down the wrong path. The course is very comprehensive and will teach you exactly how to structure and run your business STEP BY STEP, without missing a single detail. For someone who has spent a lot of money on courses in the past, I can say with confidence that this has to be the gold mine of them all. With John’s guidance I am well on my way to starting up my business and I am confident I will be saying good-bye to my job.
I met John at a business networking event on the Central Coast a while back and knew after speaking with him that he really knew his stuff. I undertook Johns' coaching and it made me realise just how much I was doing wrong in my business. Over servicing clients, under charging - not following processes. It was a mess. Doing this training changed everything, and its funny - I now seem to do less but I'm making more money! This isn't just another "SEO training course" What John shows is about building and running a real business.
This month I have closed 4 new clients for a total of $12,000 Australian dollars in startup fee for the first month, and recurring payment for a total of $5,000 Australian dollars pr month after that. The two things that has made the difference are the initial telephone call to sort out the clients that doesnt fit and the upfront talking about price, and the Powerpoint sales presentation. This sales presentation is the number one factor that has made my sales process so much more professional. People love that I share the details of my work at the end of every month.. No other seo company does that... So thanks a lot for sharing the process John, it has turned my business around for sure.
Your course for me has been 70% confirmation / assurance that I'm doing a lot of things right but with some self doubt before (and keeping it small as a result)... 20% brand new lightbulb moments to roadblocks I'd been stuck on for years... and 10% just plain excitement. And the fact you teach it all with genuine care and humility, makes a huge difference in this ego-driven, "shut up and listen to me coz I know everything and you are dumb" SEO industry. You gave me the courage to offer 3 clients a quarterly payment option from the get go (not exactly how you taught it I know) and have 1 pay in full up front. That was cool 🙂 Biggest thing honestly was the asana projects though... i had literally been googling things like "seo agency processes" and coming up with nothing or garbage. Then I found John Romaine... *queue awesome music
I haven’t found another SEO course out there that is as detailed, practical and to the point…and I have done many. Super Dooper SEO Business Training goes above and beyond what SEO is, teaching you how to find clients, pitch to clients and then seal the deal. John Romaine shows you how to set your SEO business apart from other digital marketing companies and to successfully negotiate bigger contracts. In my opinion, this is the best training and coaching SEO course on the market.
John delivers no nonsense SEO training absolutely packed with value not only for you but your clients as well. The course includes all the tools and processes you need to get up and going quickly and start delivering results. If you’re serious about creating a high quality SEO business then stop waiting, just sign up and get into it.
Since John’s coaching, and my many interactions with him over the past 4 years, my business now earns multiple six figure revenues. Whatever it costs, just pay it, and know that if you implement his advice and work hard then the costs will be insignificant for what you will earn.
The training was the best professional development I’ve invested in, and whilst it wasn't cheap, I ended up making my money back before I finished the training. Honestly, if you want to take your game to the next level, invest in John’s training, you’ll high five yourself in a few months.
John works out the path most people must take to build their business. He’s laid it all out so it makes sense and makes it easy to follow. The best kind of course.
This course is great if you’re looking to systemise your processes more efficiently. A lot of these strategies are up to date and work. I highly recommend this if you’re looking to scale up your operation. Jeff from Local Visibility
John’s course and training is well designed and thought through. What is it designed for? Johns mentorship will take you from being soloist freelancer, with no processes, no quality standards, bad reporting and deficient client communication to feeling like you are finally running a real SEO agency. John provides you with processes, templates, hands-on experience and amazing advice that you could only get from someone who has been running a successful SEO agency for years. There is no other course around like this and I have seen hundreds of courses in time as a digital marketer.
A 100% straight to the point, no fluff and BS course. I’ve taken many courses including the big name ones. Unfortunately many of them had so much material it was like you needed to put in 10,000 hours to learn, watch all the videos, implement and become good at it. John’s appealed to me the most because I’m not looking to grow to a multimillion dollar agency but more time freedom. He covers everything in bite sized format from A-Z. Support from the Facebook group is top notch too with a lot of quality fellow SEO students. If you’re looking for an SEO in the trenches to learn from, look in further.
I had the pleasure of working with John recently to discuss his processes of building quality content for SEO purposes. It was an insightful session detailing his personal and open approach to creating insightful and creative content for his clients. This strategy along with John’s approach to delivering measurable value to clients takes the guessing out of SEO and is a real eye-opener.
Can't recommend John's coaching enough. He's been instrumental in turning my business around, eliminating time wasters and implementing strategies that best service myself and my clients. A valuable investment for any freelance web designer/seo.
John, You are AWESOME! Thank you so much for taking me on as a client and taking me through this training. I just sent an invoice to a prospect for $9,100 and the money is already in my account! Not bad after only my second training call with you! For me, the most important thing was I now feel totally confident as I have a set process within my business.
John helped lay out the foundation for starting my own SEO consulting agency and held nothing back. I now have a complete roadmap from A to Z. Johns consultancy was 100% worth every cent I paid and has given me the edge I needed to succeed.
John’s no-nonsense approach will rapidly upskill you in SEO using proven, white hat SEO strategies that will be around long-term. It’s fluff free training that will leave you with a clear path for implementing SEO, either for your own business or within your agency.
One of the best decision’s I made was to get John’s help, I knew the investment would pay for itself, and after the first couple of calls with John, I was able to implement the changes in my business that made it more profitable. He’s a great guy, he cuts to the chase and I’d definitely recommend getting him on-board to help if you want to take your SEO business to the next level.

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