Module 05 – Service Offerings Pt1


Okay. In this module, I’m going to be talking about the service offerings.

I contradicted myself in saying that I only do one thing and do one thing well, but after watching these next two modules, everything that I’m about to cover will make perfect sense. I split this up into two separate areas because I am offering two different services, but one really compliments SEO and I’ll get into what that is in just a minute, and it’s the difference between making, say, $10,000 a month and $50,000 a month. This is exactly how I’ve got on to become very, very profitable within my SEO business. But for now, let’s talk about the first service offering which is, of course, SEO.

It goes without saying again, there’s huge demand for SEO. Depending upon where you are, within your business, if you’re just starting out, or you’re somewhat established, there’s no shortage of clients when it comes to SEO. In fact, look, I’m at the point within my business now that even though it’s mid-October, I’m actually winding down for Christmas and I’m telling people, “Look, I’m not taking on any more clients. Come back and see me in the new year.” Even at $2,500 a month. SEO is, again, it’s highly profitable and there’s certainly no shortage of demand.

Okay. One thing that I want to touch on and this is quite important is the definition of quality SEO. I speak to a lot of freelancers in particular, “Hey, I’m running this SEO business. I’ve got 30 clients. I’m charging $200 a month. How can I get more clients?” When I started digging a bit deeper within their businesses, I can see that their service offering is just rubbish. There’s a lot of that going on in the SEO space. I’m sure that you’re probably well aware of that if you’ve decided to take this training course.

There’s a lot of people providing SEO that really shouldn’t be. Each day, I pick up the phone and I hear similar stories from business owners. “Hey, look, we’ve been working with this company now for two years and we’re paying them $400 a month. We had absolutely no idea what they’re doing.” Or, “John, help. I’m stuck in this bullshit contract. I can’t get out of it.

They won’t let me cancel and we’re not getting any results.” A lot of this comes about through people. I guess there’s various reasons. People get into this space because they think it’s a money grab. They’re lazy. They’re provide shit services. Or they just don’t know what they’re doing. I pride myself on having the experience and the knowledge that I’ve got and also that I provide a very high quality service. This is something you have to be mindful of.

You can’t be spinning bullshit content and using Fiverr and link building services and all of this sort of nonsense that you see. I mean you go to Reddit, you go to Warrior Forum, you go any SEO forum or group within Facebook, and you’ll see the sort of bullshit that people are talking about. How can we get links? What are some tactics, shortcut to process? All of that stuff is just nonsense.

If you’re going to do this, you’ve got to do it right. I can tell you right now that your business is not going to work, certainly not going to be profitable long term, if you intend on providing shit services. Definitely something to be mindful. You’ve got to focus on quality and long term relationships with your clients.

Now here is a graphical representation of how I would define shit SEO. You see this stuff everywhere. Again, a lot of the clients that work with me are providing services that look pretty much like this. They’re focusing almost all of their attention on link building. They’re doing very little on page, if any at all. In most cases, they’re doing no content. They’re not providing any content at marketing for their clients whatsoever. Look, again, if you’re going to do this, you may as well do it right.

This is not how SEO is meant to work. This is why a lot of, I guess, cheap service providers get away with charging $99 a month because they’re just flicking it to some paid link building service. They’re building free links and that’s all they’re doing for the month. That’s just absolute nonsense.

Getting results really matters. Especially once you start charging $2,500, $3,000, $4,000 a month results matter big time. Again, I can tell you right now that your business is just not going to work if you’re providing shit services like this.

Okay. Now here is a graphical representation of how I run my business and why the majority of my clients have been with me for years. There’s a number of things that I’ll probably touch on here, but firstly you can see content, on page, and conversions. Those are the three biggest things that matter and certainly the three areas that I focus on big time for all of my clients. This will probably contradict everything, perhaps everything you know, about SEO but this is the way in which I see it was meant to work.

It’s not something that’s highly scalable. Certainly you wouldn’t have thousands and thousands of clients. But this is the way in which I see how it’s meant to work. It’s meant to work based upon good on page optimization and content, but most importantly of all, conversions. Conversions … Look, it could be considered outside of SEO. It really matters because … This will fall into place for you later once you move along within the modules, but demonstrating return on investment. No one’s going to pay you $2,500 a month unless they know they’re putting a dollar in, they’re pulling the lever, and they’re getting two or three dollars out. So conversions matter and they matter a lot.

They’re the main three. Content, on page, and conversions, and links. Look, you can spend an enormous amount of time on outreach, for example’s sake, reaching out to site owners. If I’ve got a client and they’re onboard for, say, 12 hours a month, I can’t sit here for 12 hours sending emails. I can’t put that down in my work summary sheet saying, “Okay, Bob, this month you paid me $2,500 and I sat here sending emails to other site owners.” It just won’t cut it.

When you focus on things like content and on page and conversions, links become secondary. Yes, links matter of course. It’s all part of SEO, but I probably spend about 10% of my time within each campaign focusing on link building. I think what has helped with my retention rates is the fact that the work that I do for my clients, they can see a lot of it especially with content. Not so much on page but certainly with content and conversions. That stuff is pretty evident once they see the end of month reports.

That’s something that we’ll touch on later. For now, I just want you to have a good understanding of how good quality SEO should look.