Module 05 – Service Offerings Pt2


Okay, the second part of module five, for service offerings. You’re probably going to hate me for this, but it’s web design. Maybe you had already guessed that much. Now look before you punch me in the face, hear me out. Web design is the difference again, between making 10, 15, $20,000 a month, and making $50,000 a month within an SEO business.

All right look, it’s not something that I’m actively seeking. I certainly don’t advertise web design as a service offering within my website, but it’s certainly part of my process. And I’ll explain how I’ve managed to leverage web design to pretty much triple my income.

But firstly, before we get into that. I want to just firstly say, look you’re not a web designer. This is really, really important. Look I make quite a lot of money from web design. Again built in as part of my SEO process, but I’m certainly not sitting here building websites. In fact, I fucking hate web design. I know enough with WordPress to be dangerous, but I’m certainly not a web designer.

If I go back maybe close to 20 years now, as building websites using Macromedia, which I think is an Adobe product. But in any case, I’m certainly not, I certainly wouldn’t label myself a web designer. I don’t want to be a web designer. I have no interest in sitting here with my head buried in code, or building websites.

And this is where your staff come into play. So before you roll your eyes and say, shit John, I don’t want to be doing webdesign within my business. Firstly, one you don’t need to be. And secondly that’s something that you should be outsourcing within your own team.

Okay, now I’ll explain to you how I build web design into my SEO processing. Why it matters. And let me tell you, this matters big time. Because I speak to a lot of people, especially coaching clients, and we start working together, and they can’t figure out how I’m making so much money with such a small client base. And this is exactly how I’m managed to go about doing that.

So if you take a look at what I’ve got on screen here. You can see, I’ve got six steps. One to, that’s actually six steps. Ignore the numbering there. I’ve actually cut a section out, which will make sense on the next slide. But I’ve got six steps here.

For example say, you’re pre qualifying a client on boarding your sitting in. You’re essentially working your way through the actual SEO process, from pre qualifying a client, gathering the information, working on the campaign, getting paid, getting results, hitting your time, and whatever else. That’s just a very rough visual representation of how typical SEO process might look.

Now, if you take a look at the difference here. And this time around, I’ve got the seven slides, and the numbering actually makes sense. You can see here how I’ve worked in, as part of my process, I’ve working in and $8000 web build. Now we’ll probably touch on this again at some point throughout this training course, but I can tell you this right now. When anyone comes anywhere near me for SEO, and they have intentions of paying me say $2000 a month.

One of the first things I do, outside of an old touch, I’ll go much, much deeper in my onboarding process later. But one thing that I’m looking at when I get a new inquiry come through, and I think they could be a good fit. One thing I’m looking at, I’m looking at their website. Because, and this really matters, and this comes back to what I was speaking about just a moment ago, about conversions.

I know for a fact that our business owners aren’t going to stick around if they’re not getting a return on investment. And the only way I can get a return on investment is if it’s legion, if they’re getting customer inquiries, or if it’s eCommerce, they’re making sales. So I need to make sure that the site, the client site is built with conversions in mind. Okay?

If you’re taking notes write that down. You need to be working on a site providing an SEO service to the client, working on a site that you know is actually going to perform. It’s built with conversions in mind, because I can tell you right now, and this is something that I’ve learned just through year, and years of experience.

When you have an initial discussion with most business owners, they’ll be totally fixated on rankings. The entire discussion will be based around rankings. How do we get rankings? How do we get first page in Google? But let me tell you, once they’ve been working with you for say four, or five months, and they’ve paid you a shit load of money.

That conversation changes, and the conversation moves away from rankings, to revenue. They’ll start talking about, hey you know we’re paying you all of this money, we’re putting all of this money in. We’re not getting anything back. So you need to jump straight to that point, and bring the conversation away from rankings. And I’ll touch more on that in an upcoming slide.

But for now as part of your onboarding process, you need to understand that web design, as a service offering really matters. And it matters because I can tell you right now that 90% of the time, when you get an inquiry for SEO. You’ll take a look at the website, and I know just through years of experience. You take a look at the website, you look at it and think, shit this thing is not going to work in its current form. Okay? Now I’m going to show you some graphical representations in a moment, of how I go about fixing that problem.

The first thing I want to say before I get to that, is with you start creating eight, nine, ten, 11, $12,000 for web builds you better know what the fuck you’re doing. Again, I’m not sitting here building websites. I’ve hired someone that works for me, that grinds out high end, quality sites.

And this is really important. The days are not sure where you are in your journey, or if you’re providing an SEO services, or what sort of pricing points you’re working at. But if you’re building $500 websites, or $1000, or even $1500 websites. That shit’s got to stop. If you want to start making good money, like I am, you got to be thinking minimum $6500, $7000 for web builds.

And the only way you’re going to be able to sell web builds at those sorts of numbers, and I’m talking WordPress here, I’m not talking custom websites. And that’s one thing I probably should stress, is that I don’t build custom sites. Everything is WordPress, out of the box. Rework the themes, and make them look professional.

But I’m certainly not sitting here building custom solutions, and I don’t go anywhere near custom stuff, because that in itself is just, that can be a just a dangerous place to be in terms of web design. But if you’re pushing out quotes, eight, nine, $10,000 web design quotes, you’d better have someone on board that can produce some real high end quality.

One thing that I’ve found. If you start pushing out big numbers like that, and when I say big numbers, I know some companies out there they’re charging 30, $40,000 for web builds. But for the majority stuff that I do, eight, $9000 is pretty typical. One thing though I will say, is this. You get something that has been elsewhere. And in most cases this is true. You have a business owner that’s gone somewhere else. And they said, yeah mate, we can rebuild this site, and do your SEO. It’s going to cost you $900. And then they come to you, it’s $9000? One thing they’re going to do, is they’re going be asking a lot of questions. So quality matters firstly, but also being able to demonstrate the reason why you charge those sorts of numbers.

And this comes into play later. We’ll touch on that in a moment. But if you’ve got, if you’ve built several sites like this, this is an example of one of the most recent sites I’ve built for a conveyancer here, on the central coast. Business owners will want to see other examples of the sort of work that you’re doing. So if you’ve built up 20 sits for clients, and they’re all seven, $8000 bills. You shouldn’t have any problem in flicking them a couple links within an email saying, here go look at these sits that I’ve built over the last 12 months.

So quality websites, and quality matters big time. The one way that I think about it. I’m not interested in running a ship business, I’m not interested in working with people that own $500 websites. So that’s where I invest my time, because that’s where the money is.

Okay, not this, this is coming back to what I touched on just a moment ago, about building sites that are conversion focused. Okay? This is pretty typical of a web build where the objective is customer inquiries. So legion of course. And you can see on screen here, I’ve got a big, fat call to action on the home page. And that call to action is site wide. So regardless of where someone lands on the website, they’re going to get that call to action.

That’s one of the things I’ve learned in this business, or just working within the online space in general, is that people don’t like to have to think. When they hit a website, they shouldn’t have to dig through half a dozen different menu options, to be able to send a customer inquiry. And this, this layout is proven to work. I can get anywhere between say, seven to 25, 30% conversion rates using a standardised format, I guess you could say, that follows this basic principle.

So within hero’s section, a big, fat call to action, phone numbers. Here’s an example of the same website, but an inner page, so within a sidebar, big, fat call to action. And of course you have your phone number at the top. This stuff really matters. And it matters big time, because again it all comes back to being able to demonstrate a positive return on investment.

And this where you can go about upselling as part of your onboarding process. You know I only go show a few examples of how I can take someone’s site from when, in which it is, the way it looks now to what it needs to look like in order to help the customer, or the client rather get customers. And when you demonstrate this, and I’ll show you how I go about doing this in an upcoming module, selling an eight, or a $9000 web build is really, really easy.

I can say this, most sites aren’t built with conversions in mind. And one I educate the prospect about, hey look, this is how your site should look. And how it can work if you let me make these changes, or rebuild the site. And look most clients sites, most people when they come to me, their sits are absolutely broken. They’re an absolute fucking mess. So upselling them an $8,000, or $9,000 web build is part of the process. It’s really easy. And I do it day in, day out.

So I might have a client come to me for, expecting to pay say $2,000 a month. And I’ll get them at $9,000 web built, plus $2500 up front. So it might be $11,500, or whatever that equates to, in the first month. Now if you get two, or three of those a month, on top of your existing client base. They’re all paying $2,000, $3000 a month, that’s how you get to $40,000 – $50,000 a month.

And that is how I’ve been able to make my business so successful.