SEO Audit Template [FREE Download]

Document description : This document provides a way of reporting to the client how well their website may have fared during an initial SEO analysis.

Purpose : Provides a complete technical overview and analysis of site performance from an SEO perspective. This helps clarify the project and give better direction to the strategies to be implemented.

No of pages : 20 + (depending upon data entered)
File size : 215K | Format : MS Word .doc

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This 20 page SEO audit template is a ready made document that will help you provide highly professional, structured audit reports for your clients. Provided in template format, all you need to do is fill in the blanks with your client and business information – your findings, and you’re done. This checklist is the very one I have used within my own business for a number of years – charging upwards of $1,500 per audit. Feel free to download this template and customize it to your needs.