Super Dooper SEO Business Training Course

$500 / month for 3 months

Learn how to build, run and manage a highly profitable SEO business. Step by step training provides you with a complete SEO campaign checklist, instructional videos and ready made document templates and checklists.

What you’ll learn

  • How to run and manage an SEO campaign from start to end following an easy to follow process
  • How to pre-qualify your leads, pitch and close high end clients paying $2,000 a month or more
  • What to charge, how to calculate your rates, and ensuring you never have to chase payments again
  • How to implement a kick ass, repeatable SEO strategy for every campaign
  • Understand why you should never be using rankings as a performance indicator
  • How to demonstrate positive return on investment for your clients and increase your retention rates


  • An understanding of SEO knowledge is required. This course is not for beginners
  • Software and tools to perform the work as covered in the training (see below)
  • An existing client base is not required but would definitely be advantageous 

Required software

To get the most out of this training you will need (at the very least), the following software – 


My Super Dooper SEO Business training course is a complete SEO business in a box training course that shows you step by step, how to build, run and manage a profitable SEO business. You’ll have one hour with me, as well as access to all the training videos, course materials and also the private Facebook community where you can ask questions and get additional help.

In addition to the video training, you will receive all the necessary document templates, checklists, slides, spreadsheets, sales presentations and everything else you need in order to replicate my own SEO business. Just signup, log in and get started. There’s plenty of video content to get through, so jump in and get learning. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk at all.

What is this SEO course about?

This course is designed to help those working in the SEO space, build out a solid process that takes into account not only the implementation of SEO, but more importantly the business aspect of running and managing actual campaigns for paying clients. This includes onboarding new prospects, prequalifying leads, pitching, selling and closing new campaigns, dealing with clients, how to charge, how to hire staff, what processes to follow, mistakes to avoid, how to measure performance, reporting and everything else that makes up a real world SEO campaign.

Essentially what you get in this training is a complete blueprint of my own SEO business, where last year I did $477,000 with only 20 clients and 3 virtual staff. Everything covered in this training is highly actionable, no nonsense, where I show you what to do, how to do it, why and when. I even show real world examples of actual campaigns that I have managed.

Why should you take this course?

The SEO industry is apparently worth more than $80b a year. That’s B for billion! The demand for SEO services is astronomical with business owners literally lined up in need for search engine optimisation. I’ve been working in this space long enough to know that site owners are essentially throwing money at Google in order to get customers and make sales. Done right, building your own SEO agency can be very rewarding and incredibly lucrative at the same time. The opportunities in this space are massive.

Who shouldn’t take this course?

I have designed this training course in a way that breaks down and simplifies not only the implementation of SEO but also how to run and manage campaigns for your clients. I understand different people will probably have different objectives for taking this  course but before doing so, you should probably not do this training if – 

  • You don’t know how to do SEO 
  • You don’t have any clients. Of course this isn’t a necessity, but it is recommended
  • You can’t afford the software required to perform the work

Who this course is for

The types of people that take my training course usually fall into one of three categories –

  • Freelance SEO’s, Web Developers & Web Designers
  • Digital Marketing Agencies Owners
  • Others looking to get into SEO and provide it as a service to paying clients

30 day money back guarantee

I put a lot of effort into my training courses, because I know just how much shit there is in this space, so I’m sure you’ll be happy with your purchase. However if you feel that my training course hasn’t been the right choice for you, simply send me an email within 30 days of receipt, and your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded. 

This course includes

  • 1 hr private session with me where you can ask questions and get help 
  • Immediate access to more than 60 on-demand training videos
  • A ready made SEO campaign checklist. Simply import into Asana (project management software) and go
  • Ready made document templates, spreadsheets, sales presentations, phone scripts and checklists 
  • Access to our private Facebook group, where you can network with other members
"If you're serious about creating a high quality SEO business then stop waiting, just sign up and get into it."

Course Content

Course Content

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About Me

About the instructor

  • 5 Instructor Rating
  • 56 Reviews & Testimonials
  • 125 + Students
  • 17 Years Experience

John Romaine

SEO Professional, Business Owner, Coach and Mentor
I’ve been involved in online business in one way or another since the late 90’s. Firstly getting into web design and intranet development for both local and state Government. Then branching out into building and running numerous online businesses.
I first got started with SEO around 2002/3 and have invested thousands of hours since then, learning, implementing and teaching search engine optimisation.
I now run my own SEO business and provide high end private coaching, mentoring and training to both freelancers and digital marketing agency owners alike.


What currency is this course sold in?


How much does it cost?

Total cost is $1,500. You pay $500 a month for 3 months, then that’s it. There are no more ongoing fees or charges.

Will I have immediate access once I’ve signed up?

Yes. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be automatically registered and be able to log in and watch the training videos.

Will I have lifetime access?

Yes. Once you’ve paid, you’ll have access to the course ongoing.

Will I get help if I need it?

Yes. You can ask questions and get help inside the private Facebook group. I also host regular calls where you can ask additional questions and get help.

Do I need to know SEO to do this course?

Most of the people that do this training have already been providing SEO services to paying clients, but are lacking in terms of processes/systems, and want to ramp up their earnings and improve efficiency overall. If you’re an absolute beginner and you don’t have any SEO experience then this course is not for you. 

This course is best suited for –

  • Freelance SEO’s who want to improve processes and get some structure in their businesses
  • Digital marketing agency owners who want to up skill and refine their processes

I don’t have any clients, should I still register?

Having clients isn’t a necessity, but it is encouraged. Of course you’ll still get massive value out of the course regardless, and it will definitely ensure you land better, higher paying clients when you do. Be mindful however, that getting clients takes work, and unless you intend on putting in the effort, then don’t register. There is no push button, lazy way of getting clients. 

What software do I need to do this training?

I go into a lot of detail covering the software you’ll need in order to get the most out of this training, however the main ones are – 

What do I actually get?

Once you sign up you’ll get –

  • 1 hr private session with me where you can ask questions and get help 
  • Immediate access to more than 60 on-demand training videos
  • A ready made SEO campaign checklist. Simply import into Asana (project management software) and go
  • Ready made document templates, spreadsheets, sales presentations, phone scripts and checklists 
  • Access to our private Facebook group, where you can network with other members

In other words its a complete SEO business in a box. It’s a direct blueprint of my own SEO business that you can replicate.

Is anything in this course considered black hat, or questionable in nature?

No. I am very particular about providing high quality services to my clients and that is exactly what I teach in my training. None of the training includes anything that is spammy, unethical or against Google’s quality guidelines. Also, the information in this course isn’t based on “quick gimmicks” or bullshit strategies. What I’ve included in this training will work today, and will still be applicable in years to come.

Why should I listen to you?

I’m not some sleazy internet marketer running around the internet selling bullshit courses. I run my own SEO business. I’ve been doing SEO since 2002. Last year I made $477,000 working from home, with 3 virtual staff and 20 clients. I know what I’m talking about.

Can I sample some of the videos first before signing up?

Yes. Click on ‘course content’, you’ll see the free samples in there.

Can I speak with you first before getting started?

Sure. You can either send me an email or schedule a free strategy call here



30 day refund policy

I put a lot of work and effort into my courses – simply because I know just how much crap there is online (especially in terms of “gurus” selling bullshit SEO courses) I can assure you that my course isn’t one of them.

Having said that, if you do signup for my course, and you feel it hasn’t been a good fit for you, just send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money – no questions asked.