SEO Contract Template [FREE Download]

Document description : This document covers a range of various topics such as services provided, authorization, service level agreements, delivery dates and milestones, technical considerations and limitations, payment terms and conditions, project termination, expenses, copywrites and trademarks, liability, indemnification, non disclosures and project cancellations.

Purpose : To ensure both the client and the consultant understand they are entering into a binding contact of which they both have obligations and responsibilities. Particularly useful especially when disputes or legal matters arise.This document is an absolute must have.

No of pages : 10 + (depending upon data entered)
File size : 131K | Format : MS Word .doc

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This 10 page SEO contract template is a ready made, formal document that will help protect both yourself and the client when entering into an agreement for SEO works. This template is provided as a ready made turnkey contract, all you need to do is fill in the blanks with your business details, client information and an overview of the agreement clauses. You can literally have a professional looking SEO contract ready to go in minutes. Be sure before using this document that you seek legal advice in your own country/location.