Educating clients can prevent problems and increase retention rates


  • In most cases clients just need a little bit of help in understanding the basics
  • Consider providing a client dashboard where clients can jump in and watch short educational videos
  • The more you help clients understand the more likely they will be loyal to you


John:                     Educating the client, I think, is something that can be a real pain point. It’s a massive frustration for a lot of freelancers. My clients said this, my client wants me to do that, and they don’t understand and it can be a real fucking shit storm. And I know certainly for me, it was. I think, the first thing you need to do when you get into a situation with a client where it’s really uncomfortable and it’s not good, and this might be true every single time because let’s face it, there are shit clients, but I’ve gotten to the habit of blaming myself first. How the fuck did I end up in this situation? This is my fault. It’s not the client’s fault because they don’t understand. And this is where it comes back to the importance of educating the client.

John:                     You can’t blame someone that runs a florist for not understanding how SEO works or how much this should cost and how long it should take. Especially given the fucking environment that we live in, where every time they turn around there’s someone saying, “SEO for $50 a month. SEO, first page rankings in three months.” So, you’ve got to do whatever you can to help the client understand what’s involved, the processes and the difference between, I hate to say it, $97 a month and $2,500. Taking into account what you’re doing, it’s a little bit different, but you’ve got to do whatever you can. You’ve really got to help the client understand. Educate the client. And it’s a real fine line here between, okay, I don’t want to spend all my time providing fucking training to the client because that’s not a good use of my time.

John:                     But at the same time, it matters because it’s going to get them to a point where we’re both on the same page and we can actually move forward, and we’re not wasting time on silly conversations about why rankings dont matter and all of this other nonsense where it can waste enormous amounts of time. And this is why I think, video is very powerful and if you take a look at my own SEO website, SEO Point, you’ll see that I’ve got just a small collection of videos there, that people can watch in on, to help them get their head around why I charge what I do and how long SEO takes and all that other stuff. It’s only very brief, but again if you implemented something on a client dashboard where people could actually get in and watch the videos, once you onboard your clients to help them understand and you can educate them, then that should help you avoid a lot of that noise.

John:                     And of course, you’ll always have people say, “Oh, but I don’t want to provide training and I want to tell them how to do my job.” Most business owners aren’t thinking that anyway. They don’t have fucking time. And the ones that do, which will be a small percentage, will be bouncing around YouTube watching SEO training videos. So, fuck them. Dont lose sleep over it. The ones that really matter will say, “You know what Roger? We watched those videos, we get it now, we understand. That was so helpful and we’re going to stay with you, Roger, because you’ve taken the time to help us understand.” A lot of it is about experience as well, not just why aren’t we all, got you on the first page of Google? So, that really matters. So, that’s my first rule, educating the client, so that you’re not spinning your wheels constantly, having the same conversations over and over and over.

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