Getting rid of shit SEO clients


  • Clients that pay the least amount of money, usually make the most amount of noise
  • You’re much better off having fewer, higher paying clients
  • Don’t be afraid to get rid of shit SEO clients if they’re causing you no end of grief


Roger:                   I’ve been going through the training now for, since November right? And just in those, November, December, and now we’re at the end of January, there’s been a tonne of changes just based on what your saying. We’ve let go clients that are just shit clients. Right? Based on just listening to you right? And we’ve taken that time to focus on the good clients that we have, and then building, I’m bring in more good clients. So all that matters.

John:                     Yeah, you’ve got to man, because you won’t grow otherwise.

Roger:                   Right.

John:                     It can be hard, it can be a hard thing, and this is a conversation, this is a conversation I’ve had with a lot of the members here working your way through that transitional period where you going, …okay, so you’re charging fucking $800 a month for SEO, you’ve been doing that for five years. You’re going around, and around, and around in fucking circles. You do my training, and you come out the other side and go, “Fuck this changes everything, because I now know what to do, how to do it, why, and fucking when, and most importantly be able to ensure that I work with the right people, and get good results.” But that now means that I’ve got shit clients.

Roger:                   Right.

John:                     So what the fuck am I going to do? And I have this conversation a lot, like I said. And that’s where you get to the point where you go, “Okay, well I’ve got to try and bring these clients across, the ones that I think are worth keeping, and fuck the rest off.” Because they’re the ones that, “We want to be first page on Google, and we only have $500 a month.” It’s not going to work.

Roger:                   Right.

John:                     So that transitional period can be really, it can be a mental struggle for a lot of people, and I know there are a few people in the group that are going through that now. Trying to shift, because it’s a mental shift right? Anyone can up their rates-

Roger:                   Correct.

John:                     And tell people to get fucked, but it’s a mental, a lot of this shit’s mindset man. Having that mental shift, shifting your rates from $700 for a website to $7,000, that can be a lot to swallow in one mouthful. And it’s certainly for freelancers that might only have a small client base, and the thought of getting rid of eight of their 10 clients because they’re shit clients, that’s a bit worrying if you need to-

Roger:                   Right.

John:                     Because everyone’s got bills to pay. So I think for me I’m pretty reckless. I know when I bumped up my rates, and made the change I said, “These are my rates, I know I’m worth that. I’ve been doing this a long time. I know with absolute certainty that I’m providing a quality service.” Because I see people charging $3000 a month, and they’re doing, they’re providing a shit service, and they’ve got 100 clients. So what the fuck am I doing? I’m not doing that anymore. So trying to move through that transitional period can be painful, but I think it’s necessary. Right? And that’s probably true in life.

John:                     If you want to move from fucking where you are here to get over there, you’ve got to run through the minefield and lose some limbs. It’s not easy. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

Roger:                   Right.

John:                     So you’ve got to ditch some clients, say no, lose out on some money, cry yourself to sleep at night, but it’ll be fucking worth it. It’ll be worth it.

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