Getting SEO clients by transitioning as a freelance web designer


  • It can be easier to get SEO clients if you’re already providing web design services as a freelance web designer
  • Reduce your service offerings to reduce running an archaic business


Marc:                    Good stuff. One thing I’ve found helpful with getting clients was that I started out as a web designer and some of the clients that I did web design for, they either recommended me to people or they became SEO clients themselves. So even though it can be a struggle as well, because I still have sort of skeletons from that time where I’ve got a web hosting clients that I acquired doing low budget web designs and really small businesses they can be a pain to work with as well. But I feel having some kind of basis outside of SEO can help to get a foothold and build some trust. That’s where I see some SEO people struggle the most, that they only try to sell SEO and they’ve got no sort of history in working with businesses on web design or other marketing channels.

John:                     Yeah, well I made the decision, as you know, you’ve been through my training. I focused just in on doing one thing and doing it well. And especially for freelances, I speak to a lot of freelancers that are providing too many services. This comes back to the whole Gordon Ramsay thing, right? Where I don’t know if you’ve seen the video. Have you seen that video?

Marc:                    No. Which one?

John:                     It’s an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, you know how the show works, right? He goes into failing restaurants and says,”ok this thing’s a fucking mess”. He pulls it apart, he puts it back together and everyone’s happy days. But there’s one episode there where he looks at the menu and realises there’s just far too many options. And he drags the staff out the back, I think there’s three or four chefs. He says, “I want you to make me one of everything”. They say, “shit, that’s 181 items on the menu”, and that becomes a problem for freelancers in particular, especially when you’re working on your own. You’re providing too many services, you’re getting pulled in fucking several different directions all at once. Not only that, it gets too noisy. Not only that, but trying to build a process around multiple service offerings gets really, really tricky.

Now if you’re running an agency and you’ve got 30 staff, then you can do that. But when you’re a freelancer, even if you’ve got one or two virtual assistants, it gets really messy. But, having said that, I still provide web design services because like I said, you can’t push SEO at a broken website. But I understand exactly what you’re saying with your point Marc, and that was true for me. I was working as a freelance web designer and that was my natural transition into SEO. Although I had already been doing SEO for my own online businesses. But yeah, I agree with what you’re saying. I’m thinking, well, ….if you’re doing web design or if you’re starting as a freelance web designer, that can certainly have it’s benefits because it’s easier to onboard your web design clients when you decide that you want to start providing SEO services.

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