Having processes in place with fewer service offerings matters


  • Having processes in place to effectively manage your SEO campaigns is essential
  • Campaigns can vary but your processes shouldn’t
  • If you don’t have set processes within your SEO business, then you’re screwed


John                      But yeah, I remember what you talked about, trying not to be a Jack of all trades, master of none. So we still stick to our core services, which is ads and SEO and web development and social media is an add-on. And we’re doing a little bit of email marketing and a few other things this year. But those are your core services.

John R                   Yeah. It just gets too, well, it did for me. I found trimming back my service offering is the best thing. Just trying to building our fucking processes for one or two service offerings is challenging enough, but when you’ve got five or six it’s a fucking nightmare. Especially when some of those processes overlap. Fuck!

John                      Yeah, I’ll tell you the trickiest one, right? So I’ve built my process out for their SEO in detail and that’s what we call a six stage or six phase onboarding. That’s for six months. Phase one, like you have in one of your onboarding discussions, whether it be the audit through to the on page, to the off page, to the content strategy and all of those things, they vary per client. You could sit there with a hot mess that you’ve interpreted and you go, “What the fuck! This site is a disgrace.” We’re not talking anything to do with on page. What we’re dealing right now needs to be completely redone.

John R                   Yeah.

John                      You need a site structure that makes sense. You need to then almost say to them, “What do you do?” You and I had this chat about one of my… What would I call it, Estelle? What do they do? Frameless shower screens.

John R                   Oh, yeah. Yeah.

John                      Premium glass solutions. I’m like, “What?” Balustrades, pool fences. I mean, it’s all now appropriate. So sometimes you’ve got to point the finger back at them and say, “Hey, I’m trying to get you to traffic that’s relevant to your win. Do you think you’ve got this right?”

John R                   Yeah.

John                      And so we have that consultation and I’m not afraid to have that reasoning, but I’ll also, if they disagree with me, I’ll put it in writing and say, “Well, this was my recommendation.”

John R                   Yeah. I think having a process for SEO is absolutely essential.

John                      It is.

John R                   That process is not fixed. It’s stretchy, right?

John                      Yeah.

John R                   Because I know, and I’ve had this conversation plenty of times, I’ve had clients say, “Well, when do we start building links?” I’m like, “Well, fuck. It depends because if you’ve got a shit site, we might need to fix the site. Or if the sites not bad, but we’ve got a lot of work to do here in terms of restructuring and on page, well then that’s going to take longer.” So it’s never fixed. It’s usually always fucking stretchy. Sometimes I’ll jump into a site and the on page is great and the structure is actually quite good. It happens rarely. So we can start smashing out content and off page earlier on in the campaign.

John                      Yeah.

John R                   It’s just like walking into the gym and if you’ve got to lose fucking 60 kilos, well then hey, it’s going to take you a bit fucking longer than someone that walks in that only needs to lose five.

John                      Yeah. Different equipment, different strategy. Yeah, that’s right.

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