How best to approach SEO for a hyper local small business?


  • SEO for hyper local businesses whilst easier can be limited in terms of opportunities
  • People that search for local businesses, only want to travel a short distance
  • Consider other marketing channels to supplement SEO for hyper local small businesses


John:                     The one thing that I will add, and I was thinking about this before we got on the call, Byron often talks about hyper local businesses. Right? And I agree with him. It’s definitely something you need to be mindful of when you pick up clients that run these small local businesses. The radius of which the service, the areas that they service, it’s usually always pretty small. Right? So if you’re working with, in your case, you’ve got a mechanic at Charmhaven, then that radius, people aren’t going to drive an hour and a half-

Rhys:                     That’s right.

John:                     … to go to have their car serviced. You might be able to pick up surrounding suburbs. But I think with hyper local businesses, it gets really challenging, because you get it to a certain point and then you have to be really honest with yourself and say, “This is about as much as I can do here. Maybe they might need to start thinking about other marketing channels.”

Rhys:                     Yep.

John:                     Facebook ads, or video, or something else if they really want to ramp it up. But the majority of people will just be typing in local searches. Physiotherapists, Ettalong.

Rhys:                     That’s it, yeah.

John:                     So you got to be really aware of that, probably at the beginning. You certainly don’t want to be onboarding clients thinking that there’s going to be a shit load of search volume and a lot of opportunity for, again, like Byron says, hyper local businesses. And I would agree with that.

Rhys:                     Yeah, definitely. That industry specifically is, obviously, hyper local. Unless they’re a mobile mechanic. So, yeah, you really do need to make the most of what you’ve got.

John:                     Yeah. See a mobile mechanic, like you just said, they’ll be-

Rhys:                     They can smash through the suburb pages, but I can’t.

John:                     Yeah, they’ll be driving around all over the place, unlike a fixed location. But this is where it’s probably in your best interest to have a chat with the business owner and say, “Where’s the big money in this for you?” You should be having that discussion anyway, as part of your first strategy call. Things like engine reconditioning, Charmhaven. Where that’s like a $3,000 or $4,000 job, it’s not leaky radiator, or something, which might be 200 bucks.

Rhys:                     Yeah.

John:                     So tapping into some of those search terms, and, of course, reverse engineering, and all of the other good stuff that we cover in the training, is certainly worth taking into account too. But I’ll leave you with this to think about. You might be getting to the point of exhaustion with this client, and you may have to just sit down and say, “Listen, this is about as far as we can go with this. You might need to start considering some other marketing channels. Okay?”

Rhys:                     We had a very interesting discussion about that, because she was referred to me by another client that I work for, and she knows that client very well and their business. I essentially said to her, “Look, Mrs. Client, you can see here that all these other industries, it’s very likely that while they are converting on all sorts of pages, and here we are here slamming pages, and only a handful of them are working. So to be honest, Mrs. Client, this strategy is not our long term strategy.” And therefore we developed other, essentially, digital marketing strategies for her. And also it was just jumping on this strategy meeting each month, and looking at the customers and I said to her, “We should only be working together if you’re getting positive results.” And we’re still in that phase, which is great.

John:                     Okay.

Rhys:                     We appreciate that honest enough.

John:                     What’s an average lead worth for those guys?

Rhys:                     $400.

John:                     Yeah. Okay. So that’s-

Rhys:                     Low end. Yeah.

John:                     That’s on the low end, so I mean it’s a small one, man. It’s a small one. Get in, do what needs to be done, and leave it at that. There’s no point trying to keep a small local business engaged for two years worth of SEO. It doesn’t make sense.

Rhys:                     Yeah, that’s right.

John:                     Something like, look, content creation, those guys should be down there. I mean, look, they’re mechanics, right? You start talking about shooting videos and shit. Like they’re like, “No, we don’t have fucking time for that shit.”

Rhys:                     Yeah.

John:                     But it really comes down to how big they want to be, and if they want to beat their competitors. Look, if I was running any sort of business, and I’m doing it right now-

Rhys:                     Yeah.

John:                     … If you’re running a business and you don’t have time to be sitting around writing fucking 4,000 word blog posts, pick up a camera, start shooting videos. Video is massive at the moment. It’s been massive for a long time, but it’s highly advantageous because it’s quick. It’s more personal. You build trust. If those guys were doing videos, you could tie that in with your SEO efforts just like I do. I take a video, upload to YouTube, embed on the site, transcribe.

Rhys:                     Yeah.

John:                     All I’m saying is there’s plenty of different marketing channels for them to consider.

Rhys:                     Exactly. Yeah. And she really appreciated that honesty with her. Each month we’re looking at the analytics compared to the last month, and each month it’s slowly going up. Obviously, SEO, it’s not going to be up every single month from the last one. But yeah, having that transparency with her was really great. And she’s so happy about that-

John:                     Yeah.

Rhys:                     … And is excited to continue because, yeah, you can call it when you’d build a site 6, 12 months and that might be cooked, and you’re done kind of thing.

John:                     Yeah.

Rhys:                     And everyone just depends. But the analytics suggest it anyway.

John:                     Yeah. There’s no point boiling an egg for half an hour.

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