How best to build out product category pages for SEO



John:                     The issue with having a website like a bathroom or whatever the website is that sells a lot of product, is predominantly they want their products to be showing really nice and aesthetically from the top, and they take all of the space that we would essentially like to incorporate a little bit of text. So how do you tend to get around that one?

John R:                 Are you talking about parent category pages, like product category pages?

John:                     Yeah, product category pages, and having a nice …

John R:                  Yeah, I’ve always found this certainly makes for an interesting conversation, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone do it really well, including myself, because sometimes you can take a certain action on a site and get really good results out of it, and then you move to another site, you do the same thing and the outcome is completely different.

John R:                  I’m always thinking about what’s best for the user first. For category pages I have in the past, John, tried to build out those category pages and provide a section of text and maybe some supplementary photos.

John R:                  But you’ve got to be really careful with that because I know it can be distracting from the user experience and certainly from a buyer’s point-of-view, because sometimes they just want to click on fucking red widgets, go to the category page and see all the red widget products. I think burying that sometimes in too much content to satisfy search engines can be problematic. Again, I’m not sure what the answer is there. It’s probably just a matter of test and measuring, John.

John:                     I mean, which I don’t know if you’re aware of dev knowledge is, but I think that if you use things like accordions, you know accordions, where you practically have bathrooms and then more info and then it opens with the whole spiel. So you are only using a button space, but it actually will sit within it. What’s your take on that? I mean….

John R:                  I don’t have a problem with those things. I’m building a site at the moment. We’re using accordions. Personally, I would prefer to just have the text on the page because I know with some of those, you got to be real careful with accordions, because some of them depending upon, again, using WordPress, depending upon the plugin that you use …

John:                     It doesn’t get crawled, right?

John R:                  It doesn’t get crawled and indexed. So you got to make sure. You can test it easily. Just open the accordion, copy of selection of text, jam it into Google perform a search, and make sure it’s there. That’s fine. But I think it, again, user experience should come first.

John R:                  If you look at an accordion on a desktop, you got fucking 20 accordions on the page, well, I don’t know, is that a good use of space or not? But if you look on your mobile, it’s so much easier because you just scroll through real quick and go, Oh that’s what I’m after. Bam.

John:                     It is better. I mean, we did it for a client that we worked with in Adelaide that does servicing of antique vehicles, and it’s got just literally all the models of certain Mercedes, and then you just click on that one. It has all the models for that particular car. So it works well, but it is horses for courses, I suppose.

John R:                  I think, at the end of the day, the answer is always the same, John, test and measure. Set up your tracking, maybe run a split test, try a page without accordions, try one with accordions. If you’re tracking at the page level, you’ll know with absolute certainty which page is the winner. As to how, I’m talking strictly from a conversion point-of-view, as to how that impacts you in search, well then that could be something different again.

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