How to deal with clients objections when creating content for effective SEO


  • Content marketing should be a key part of any SEO strategy
  • Q&A sessions are a great way to extract useful information from clients that you can use to create valuable content
  • Be sure to track and measure the performance of your content marketing efforts to demonstrate ROI


Marc:                    Good stuff.

John:                     Like I said, in some of my videos, you get into a holding pattern where everything is really well established and then it’s just content creation, content, content, content. It varies between certain industries, but makes for an interesting discussion. Content is a really… wow, I could talk about content for a long time, but …

Marc:                    Please do.

John:                     No, it’s funny, just touching back on conversions, right? Measuring conversions and being able to demonstrate a positive return on investment for SEO. One thing that I’ve found working with clients in the SEO space is that a lot of them start off by saying, “Oh, John, fuck, blog posts. We don’t want to do blog posts, nobody reads them. It’s a waste of time. We tried that. We worked with this other company, they just wrote all this bullshit. No one cares.”

John:                     Then, I get in there and set it up properly, so that we’re tracking and measuring and we can see which pages are actually converting and bringing in customer inquiries, right? We start doing content properly. You get to the end of the month, do your end of month strategy call. You get on a call and you say, “Shit, Karen, this month you did $12,000 from these blog posts.”

Marc:                    It’s not bad.

John:                     The first thing they say, “Fuck, John, when can we do more content? When can we do another Q and A session?” That’s probably the biggest thing with content. I can’t remember what my other point was going to be, but yeah. Sorry, that’s what I was going to say. Another objection I get when it comes to content is, “Oh fuck, John, we’re just a landscaping business. I mean how can… You can only talk about garden beds and sleepers for so long before you start covering the same shit.” When you’re working with a business like that, and this is a discussion that’s going on at the moment over in one of the big Facebook groups, just start documenting what you do.

John:                     It’s not hard. You’re a landscaping business, how many fucking jobs do you do a week? Oh, we probably do five or six jobs. Start documenting what you do before, during and after, “We went to Mrs. Brown’s house. Her yard was a fucking mess. Here’s a photo before. Here’s a photo of us with Mrs. Brown. Here’s what she wanted. Here’s us during,” take a whole bunch of during, “And here’s the outcome. Look at how happy Mrs. Brown is. Look at the wonderful job. We did the garden beds here. We put in the… ” Just fucking document. There should be no end.

John:                     I mean it’s really interesting to me the amount of small business owners that say, “Fuck, John, we don’t know what to write about. We’re no good at creating content.” Go and have a look at their Facebook page. They’re posting content every 20 minutes. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Marc:                    Yeah, yeah.

John:                     Here’s all this content you’re creating on Facebook. Why the fuck is it on Facebook? People are landing on your site. It’s a ghost town. Telling me you’ve got nothing to talk about, you’re posting five times a day on Facebook.

Marc:                    Yeah, 100%. It’s amazing what kind of websites are out there still. One of the leading lawyers here in Perth, voted by his lawyer peers, he literally has one sentence on his website, contact so-and-so. It’s one sentence on the whole website and you go like, “How is this the best lawyer in town?” Wow.

John:                     Yeah. Q and A sessions too are another great source of content. As you know, I do a lot of Q and As. For a lawyer, I mean Jesus Christ, the topics of conversation in that space would be absolutely massive. There’s no excuse for anyone. It doesn’t matter to… It shouldn’t matter if you’re selling socks on the internet or you’re in real estate or whatever it might be, that you should always be able to figure out a content marketing strategy. For people that are doing SEO right, it should make up a large portion of what you’re doing.

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