Learning curves cost time and money


  • Constantly saying yes to things you don’t have the skills and knowledge for means having to constantly learn, which slows you down
  • Becoming a specialist and niching down can help fast track results and expedite processes significantly
  • Always be asking yourself “Is this really something I should be taking on?” “Is this a good use of my time?”
  • Learning to say no can help you getting bogged down in noise and distractions


Byron:             Well, I think it comes down to the task level. Like you said, the difference between offering SEO and doing email support, they’re two completely different things, but then it’s also at the industry or niche level. It’s like, “Well, I’m good at plumbing campaigns,” for example or, “I’m good at eCommerce campaigns.”

Byron:             Like Cat Howell mentioned the other day, learning is expensive and it doesn’t matter if that’s the email or if that’s a new industry. I think even with paid advertising, the messaging’s different, the avatar’s different, the competitors are different, even at the business level. You could potentially take on two eCommerce clients, let’s say, that they both sell Lego for example, but you and I have worked with quite a few different business owners that one person’s mentality and mindset could be completely different to another business’s mindset and mentality. So, that can change the equation as well. So, there’s a lot of people come to us and they’ll be like, “Can you guarantee the results and stuff, but there’s a lot of mechanics and metrics here that fall into place that makes it very challenging to have that impact.

John:                I think that shift, that’s been the biggest shift for me over the last week or so, when I heard that expression learning curves cost time and money through Cat’s training. That really hit me hard. And like I said, during numerous chats that we have, I already had that way of thinking around just working with WordPress. I don’t want to learn Magento, and BigCommerce, and Drupal, and Shopify, and all of these other platforms because I need to learn how to use those systems and that slows me down. And there are constraints and restrictions that might come into play that I wouldn’t have been aware of. That all costs time and that time costs money.

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