Predictable income means knowing your numbers


  • Knowing your numbers is essential to ensure profit and growth
  • Most freelance SEO’s wouldn’t know and they just wing it, month to month hoping a client might come in
  • Put aside some time to sit down and map out all of your expenses, profits etc in a spreadsheet so you know your numbers


John:                     And something else that you just said then kind of touches on the sushi train conveyor belt thing. You want predictability in your business and I think that’s something that gets overlooked. You want to know… and I’ve had a number of discussions with Byron and someone threw a book at me the other day or at least mentioned a book about… It was called Predictable Revenue or something. I need to have a dig around and see if I can find that. I can’t remember the author’s name. It was either Predictable Income or Predictable Revenue or something like that. You want to know with a fair amount of certainty that if you pull the lever, the thing goes along the conveyor belt, comes out the other end, ding.

John:                     It’s like, there’s a show on TV where they go around… It’s from the UK, they go around and they spend time in mega factories seeing how things are made. And a lot of the time it’s food and it might be something trivial, like a packet of biscuits. But the processes they’ve got in place, they know exactly how many fucking sultanas, 900 grams of sultanas, 300 grams of butter. I’m using small quantities of course, but you’re talking semi-trailer loads like three semi-trailer loads come in and it’s four tonnes of butter and 6,000 kilos of raisins. And they do all of this. They follow the process and they know with absolute certainty exactly how many biscuits they get at the end of that process.

John:                     And that’s the sort of predictability in business that I find extremely sexy because it takes away the whole “Fuck, I hope this works” or “maybe if I do this, this kind of works”. And “gee, I hope the phone rings today”. And this touches back on a lot of the conversations that I’ve had with Byron about the predictability of using paid traffic to get clients. And building out well thought out marketing funnels so that if you get 100 people click on your ad, 30 people opt into your fucking ebook or whatever, 15 people book a call and then you close three clients. And you can measure that trend over a long period of time because you’ve got a good data set and you know you got predictability in place and that fucking matters. Because you’re not starting every month thinking, with a crystal ball going, “Fuck, how much money am I going to make this month?”

John:                     So I think predictability in business really matters. Look, I’ve spent a lot of time on this in the last probably six months because I’ve been taking a lot of training myself. And one common thing that I keep seeing, not just through training courses, but also I like to watch a lot of YouTube videos where people like Marcus Lemonis and there’s another guy here, Mark that started… Mark, I’m not sure of his last name, he started Yellow Brick Road, where he talks about knowing your numbers in business. If you don’t know your numbers, you’re fucked. You’re absolutely fucked. Because if you don’t know your numbers, then you’re just driving blind.

John:                     And this is why it can be real easy, especially when you’re providing SEO services, you get a client and you go, “Okay, we got to know what the lead value is. Estimated lead value, conversion rates, how much money you made this month, where this fucking traffic is.” I build out custom dashboards and do all of that stuff, but it’s real easy to neglect your own business.

Roger:                   Right.

John:                     You know what I mean? Where you get to-

Roger:                   Oh, absolutely.

John:                     … fucking where are these leads coming from? How much… What are your profit margins? How much money are you making? I don’t fucking know… I just look at my bank account alone and go, “Okay. We made eight grand this month, fucking brilliant.”

Roger:                   Exactly.

John:                     It can be real easy to do. So, I think those two things in business really matter, predictability, and especially with what you’re doing, Roger, you’re moving away from that one-to-one model to a one-to-many model, so you have to know the numbers so that you’ve got that level of certainty and predictability.

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