Ranking first page in Google for SEO – Worth doing to get clients?


  • You don’t get paid to work on your own site
  • Be careful about investing too much time trying to rank for highly competitive vanity keywords
  • If you need leads quickly, invest your efforts towards other means, networking, BNI events, paid advertising
  • Cold leads via Google search can often be low quality


Marc:                    Also circling back to, as you said ranking for SEO. I’ve checked a couple of people who are ranking for SEO backlink profile and there’s so many PBNs and sketchy things in there. The amount of money that you end up paying for just sketchy PBNs to rank for those kinds of keywords. It’s also a bit ridiculous.

John:                     Yeah, ranking for SEO is an interesting topic of conversation. For a lot of business owners, they use that as a pre qualifier to determine someone’s ability or skill set. Okay, well, you know, this guy’s first page for SEO must know what he’s doing. And that might be that might be true to some extent. The amount of time and effort it would take to rank for a competitive term like SEO, is that really in the interest of a freelancer? Probably not. I can understand it for a large scale agency where they’ve got the resources and the money and everything else to, you know, to push for something like that. But as for freelancers, I don’t know.

It’s not something….. I knew well in advance, okay, fuck it. I’m not going to sit here for the next five years trying to rank for this term, or even two years, I got to put money in the bank now. Right. One thing that I do know, Marc, is that and again, this is something that comes up, you know, every now and then our John you don’t rank for SEO, you mustn’t know what you’re doing. Firstly, I don’t get paid to work on my own shit. And secondly, some of the worst leads, I have come through Google.

Now that might sound a bit ironic given the nature of the work that we do, but people that type in SEO and just pick up the phone and call the first agency – or anyone that’s on the first page there for SEO. They usually the worst kind of leads that that’s, you know, at least, that’s at least what I found, right? Oh, this guy, this guy ranks for SEO – pick up the phone, “How much you charge?” I don’t know. For me at least they’ve been the worst quality of leads.

Marc:                    I can recall one lead. And we didn’t have enough working together I think because of a dispute over $50. I think he wanted to push the price by 50 bucks and wanting to stick to it. And then the lead went cold. And I was like, if it’s like that then probably work together. So….

John:                     I don’t know what it is about, about Google, like cold lead through Google where people just land on your site. They don’t read anything. They don’t look at your pricing. All they do is pick up the phone and say “How much?” Yeah, they’re the worst. They’re the worst.

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