Refining your SEO processes to achieve predictable outcomes


  • Having refined processes for every area of your business is vital to ensure effeciency
  • Niching down can help towards having more predictability and certainty within your SEO business
  • You should never be stopping the production line of 500,000 biscuits to make 15 special order just because someone asked you to


Byron:                   You know, before you offer a service, you need to know exactly what’s that’s broken down into. You need to know how long it takes. You need to know who are the key pieces I need to plug into that.

John:                     You need a level of, you’ve got to have predictability in your business. I think we had that discussion and you mentioned it once before. I’ve been watching this video, this might sound a bit unusual, but it’s a show on Foxtel and it’s called Inside the Factory, I think it’s called. And it’s where they go into various factories where manufacturing, they might be making egg cartons, or they might be making trampolines, or they might be making a certain type of food. It’s varied. There’s one episode in particular that got my attention. It was a biscuit factory making biscuits. And every single step of the process from the minute the trucks back up with 3,000 kilograms of sultanas and flour and sugar and the quantities are all measured and dumped into these massive vats and containers and there’s a whole process. It’s like this finely tuned pipeline that goes, the ingredients come in one end and goes through this finely tuned process and out the other end comes packets of biscuits. And they know exactly how many biscuits per day, per hour, what the profit. There’s no uncertainty or guesswork throughout that entire process.

John:                     And using that as an example, they know if they take this action, they’re going to have a certain output. These little bits and pieces where you’ve got people, “Oh, can you just take a look at this?” Pulling 50 biscuits off that production line and putting different toppings on and then saying, “Oh, okay.” It just doesn’t make sense.

Byron:                   You certainly wouldn’t have a client of the biscuit company come along and say, “Look, guys. I know you do chocolate biscuits, chocolate bickies as I call them. And we really need a raspberry biscuit or we need a vanilla biscuit.” They’re not going to just, unless there’s a big dollar sign there, they’re not going to be all of a sudden bringing in a new flavour to their line if that’s not what they do.

John:                     I think in the SEO space, probably more than any other space, there seems to be this level of uncertainty around processes. And I think a lot of people that are providing SEO services take on board clients where they don’t know the industry well. They don’t have set processes in place. And the whole thing is just this big dark cloud of unknowingness. I think perhaps for paid advertising, building out processes around I’ll put a dollar in, I’m going to build out, we’re going to do a test, we’re going to fine tune the results. There’s probably more set processes around that and less guesswork because it’s very linear in its outcome. We spent $500. We need to make a thousand dollars or $1,500 back. Whereas SEO can get lost because of a lot of people are selling magic fairy dust. So I think refining your business to a point where it becomes completely predictable and just like that biscuit factory so you know it comes in one end, goes through a fucking conveyor belt, through a few machines, comes out the other end. You’ve got your bickies.

Byron:                   A hundred percent, yeah.

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