Segmenting Facebook friends in order to better promote your SEO business


  • Segmenting your friends on Facebook is a better way of broadcasting business related messages to the correct audience


Belinda:               Yeah. I didn’t even count it up. The ones I put into my Facebook Groups, I didn’t even count. I don’t count them as a lead. I just put them out there and I get as many done as I can, and then they contact me, that’s when I start the count, and then you can argue that, we could spend a whole other hour, whether I should or shouldn’t count them, but I just, if they’re going to come, they’ll come, and if they don’t, they don’t. And we’ll go from there.

John:                     Well, I watched a really interesting video as part of Sam Ovens’ consulting accelerator course where you can actually segment your friends lists and you can build out dedicated lists for people that add you as a friend. Right? So I’ve created an SEO friends list, so when I post something, it might be something promoting my training or my services. You post something and the only people on that list see it on your post. So you’re not bombarding your friends and family with fucking shit about SEO, right?

Belinda:               That’s interesting because I know exactly what you’re talking about. And I do that to Fiji, right? I’m like, “I need to know where I can buy blah.” And my Aussie friends don’t care less cause they buy it from Coles. So I’ve never thought to do that in relation to business.

John:                     You can segment your friends list on Facebook so that you’re pushing a message that might secure you a new coaching client, a new SEO lead, or an AdWords client. So you can definitely can definitely do it. I’ve only just started doing it, but I can definitely say, because I’m sure your friends and family don’t want to be bombarded by continual, “Oh look at the great results I got for my SEO client.” Who gives a shit?

Belinda:               I don’t use my personal profile for business.

John:                     Mm. Well I certainly wasn’t in the past. You know, I guess it’s just another marketing channel really. If you’re using the shotgun blast, the shotgun marketing approach, it’s going to get real messy and you’re going to have people posting stupid shit responses, like why the fuck are you posting this? Because you know, there are conversations, this is, I guess, what Google tried to do with the whole circles thing, right? With Google Plus, the conversations you’re having with friends and family, are going to be a lot different to what the conversations that you have with your business colleagues. Because I’m into cars, I get a lot of friends that we’re talking about cars and whatnot, that doesn’t relate to to business. I think that makes a lot of sense. So I’m going to start implementing that, because I get a lot of people carry over and they see my posts in various SEO groups. Who is this guy? So I’m going to start doing that to try and channel by efforts a bit more effectively.

Belinda:               Yeah, I think that’s it. That’s a really good one. I’ve not heard to do that one before. I don’t know if they’re going to be on Facebook or not, but I need to find out where that next medium level is hanging out for me.

John:                     Again, you’ve got to be careful of how much time you invest there because you don’t want to be, you know, you’ve got to measure your efforts. And this is what I say to the guys, if you’re going to send letters, or if you’re going to do door knocking, do enough of it to know that you’ve got a good data set so that you can look and go, okay, well I tried this. It either didn’t work or maybe my message or my angle was off. But just trying something repeatedly without tracking and measuring is just fucking ridiculous, but in order to segment those lists, and this may not be for you, Belinda, because it sounds like you’ve already done this, but for anyone else watching this video, go to your friends list and Facebook, they keep changing the way in which you do this, but for now, go to your friends list and then beside each friend, you get the list on desktop, beside each friend, you can click the the friend option and then create new list. That’s how it’s currently in place, and then you can create a list and then segment that way.

Belinda:               And just so you know, too, you can have people in more than one list.

John:                     Yeah.

Belinda:               So they can be your friend and they can be on your work list if they happen to fit both of the profiles.

John:                     Yeah. Again, it’s one of those things that it sounds wonderful and exciting if you read about it in a blog post or watch it in a video, but do it, try it. Don’t spend fucking months dicking around with it. If it works, that’s great.

Belinda:               It’s super quick to set it up, and the only other tip I’d have for them, if they do it, because I’ve done it from a personal point of view is you’ve got to remember to change it back. So if you change it to do an SEO group and you change it to do an SEO post, the next post you do, it’ll still be on the SEO group. It won’t have to go on back to whatever your default is. It stays on that. So you didn’t have to remember to click off that. Obviously your friends are all, or whoever the heck you want to see this post. If you wonder why no one’s answering you and your mother hasn’t commented for three weeks, because she’s not in your SEO group.

John:                     Oh, I posted this beautiful photo of me and mom, mom hasn’t liked it. What, is she pissed off? Did she block me? Yeah.

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