Specialising in a niche and getting over the fear of missing out


  • Specialising in a particular industry allows you to charge more
  • You’re better off being an exact fit for your target audience, rather than trying to please everyone
  • Working in the same space over time allows you to build out really solid processes
  • Letting go of “everything” can be difficult, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out


John:                     That was definitely something that I learned when I started Bring the SEO. I certainly made this mistake in the past when I look back at some of the content I was publishing on SEO Point, who the fuck am I talking to? I ask that question to a lot of people now, whether they jump on a call with me, they’re interested in doing the training or they’re clients or they just ask through random discussion so ….who the fuck are you talking to? Because if you don’t know, then your message is going to be so vague and diluted that you’re not going to reach your target audience. And I think the biggest reason why people try and go broad and perhaps I was guilty of this, is that they’re driven by the fear of potentially missing out.

I don’t want to just wipe out this whole segment or sector of people because there might be a lot of money there and I might be leaving money on the table. People like to throw that fucking expression around. And I know I’ve probably been guilty of doing that myself and this is I think, a real concern for people that are providing paid traffic services like you do, or SEO like me, is that okay well I don’t want to niche down because that means that I’m going to be eliminating like 95% of the marketplace. And I get that but what you just said then, knowing exactly who you talking to, when you say right, I’m just going to specialise in fucking restaurants, that’s probably a bad example right now, but I’m just going to specialise in web design for restaurants and SEO. Just doing restaurants, you know exactly who you fucking talking to, you know all their pain points and that learning curve becomes more and more refined over time.

This is something that Sam Ovens talks about in his training. Because you’re repeating that process and getting feedback from the same audience, you’re constantly learning and improving and refining that process. And that makes your messaging so much more powerful, concise, and sharper than if you’re just running around the internet saying I do SEO, there was something else that popped up in my travels recently where there was an example given around you go to a GP, the GP charges $160 an hour general, like go to the doctor, general practitioner $160 an hour. But if you go to a specialist, right a fucking ear, nose and throat specialist or a brain surgeon, you’re not going to be paying fucking $160, you’re going to be like $800, $900 a fucking hour. And I think that is even more reason again, like if you can specialise then that then means that it’s that whole inch wide, mile deep thing.

Byron:                   Yeah. I think you touched on a few points there is that one that sort of fear of missing out, that’s something that I’ve always thought as well. But the problem with a lot of different digital agencies is probably because the ma… We’ve always talked about how competitive some of the areas of our marketplace are but there’s also a lot of money that can be made, whether you’re doing SEO, Google ads, Facebook, there’s a lot of customers out there that you can potentially work with.

It’s not really an issue of how many customers there are, certainly there’s a lot of competitors and so forth, but you know one thing is from… If I’m going to compare John with Byron, if I’m interested in Google ads, well then of course I want to go with a guy that’s got like Google ads specialisation or if they specialise in dentists and that’s what John specialises in then you’re going to go with the specialist over the generalist any day of the week.

But then I think as well, in terms of that fear of missing out, I think a lot of people, a lot of agencies, a lot of freelancers probably in your group, they haven’t quite cracked the lead generation side of things. And I think if you’re getting 80 leads or 80 dentists per month, then sure you’re not going to convert them all, but it’s going to give you that freedom to say yeah, I can be a bit more picky and choosy on who I work with, I don’t feel like I’m missing out cause I’ve got that solid platform. Dentists for example, there’s hundreds of thousands of dentists across Australia plus maybe if you did have that kind of process, what would stop you from going over to America or UK or somewhere else where it’s the same thing, it’s different locations, there’s a few more mechanics they’re going on if you don’t have that local knowledge, but yeah, I think if you can get that lead gen funnel then probably changes the equation a bit.

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