Stop trying to do everything yourself and hire


  • Thinking that you’re the only one that can do the job properly is a false belief
  • You MUST have proven processes and systems in place before hiring, or you should hire someone that already possesses the processes you need
  • Hire and build a team as soon as you possibly can
  • Trying to do everything yourself will eventually lead to burnout
  • Get paid first, then you’ll have money to hire


Byron:                   Well, I think trying to do everything yourself… I mean, it’s still something that creeps in. You’ve got your little sign there. Should you be doing that Byron? And it’s something I ask myself every day, should I be doing this? And it creeps in, and we all struggle with cashflow and leads and all of this….. you get this like nice equilibrium where it’s all working. I think Gary Vee says it, like you’ve just got to enjoy solving crappy problems some days. Like, that’s what it is. It’s like being comfortable, feeling uncomfortable, because there’s never a part in business where you’re just like, “I’ve made it. And all of this stuff works. Everything’s easy. There’s no problems to solve.” There’s always something to solve. And there’s probably always a next step.

Byron:                   This is all right. I got to here, but now I want to get to the next step. But yeah, probably if I had my time again, I would look more at how I can run a service without me being in it. I think that’s definitely key. I think I would have focused more on really getting some… My business really grew from word of mouth and so forth. And I think a lot of businesses, a lot of the guys in your group, it’s the same. You offer a really good service. You do great things for people. And that, in turn, gets a lot of referrals and word of mouth.

Byron:                   But I think the biggest thing I would have got is that consistent lead gen as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re already earning five grand per month, well then invest $1,000 dollars, or $500. Just start with something where you’re investing and you’re looking to get some sort of consistent and predictable leads into your business. I think that one is definitely key, but yeah, I think most of what we said today about niche… You and I speak very, very frequently. And we’ve done that now for what? Six or seven years, I think. And every day, every week, I think I’m learning something new, like something in my head changes and takes me to a level that wasn’t possible before.

John:                     It’s funny. Yeah, I mean, it’s funny how we’re constantly learning. At some points you think, “Oh, I’ve got everything figured out,” and then something happens. You take a course and you think, wait a minute. Or you know, global fucking pandemic. I’ve tried to use this time. I mean, admittedly, I paced back and forth in the house thinking Jesus Christ, what the fuck am I going to do? But calmed down a bit now. And just using the time to stay focused. Invest in some training and education and come out the other side of this, much more focused with more focus and clarity.

Byron:                   A hundred percent, yeah.

John:                     But I think though that those points that you raised about not doing everything yourself, that’s something that I probably did for too long, as well. I remember drawing it on my whiteboard years ago. I had fucking, admin content, outreach, all of these things and like a chocolate wheel with myself in the middle.

John:                     I found that photo on my phone strangely enough, the other day. And I looked at it. That was about eight years ago. I thought Jesus Christ. And I think the sticking point for a lot of people might be, “Well, I don’t have the money to hire people.” And it’s in a lot of cases. That’s because one, they’re undercharging and two, they’re doing the work first and then getting paid. So, increase the invoice that you send. Get paid first. Then you’ve got the money to go and hire someone to do it for you.

Byron:                   That’s it.

John:                     But I think you can’t do that unless you have processes in place. And that touches back on everything we’ve just covered today about having systems, processes, and niching down, perhaps a bit more clarity.

Byron:                   Yeah. And let’s say, for example, I hire a Facebook guy and Google ads guy and an email guy… Like they’re all contractors or whatever that I plug into a certain process that I’ve got to service a specific niche. You know, it comes back to your question as well. Well what am I getting for my money? Well, you’re getting this Facebook guy who’s had X number of experience. You’re getting this, you’re getting that. It forms that part of that conversation as well. It’s not just me, like in my mom’s basement doing this stuff. I’ve got a team here. It’s a legit sort of gig, but I think it’s very easy as well to look at your business and go, “I want 80% margins or something like that.”

Byron:                   I know some of the guys in your group, they’re getting inside margins and stuff and that’s great, but that just means it’s all going into your pocket and you’re doing it all yourself. And that can only go so far. And again, if you’re consistent, say, “Yeah, I need about five customers. I don’t want 10. I don’t want six. I just want five.” That’s fine. But the minute you go, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 15, 20, 25, then you better make sure that you change that mindset and start saying, “I’m happy to accept smaller margins, but I will charge a much higher amount in order to make sure that I can deal with that volume.” So, yeah.

John:                     Yeah. I think a lot of people feel as though fuck, I want this… I want this done. Right. I’m the only person there that can do this. If I hire someone, they’re going to fuck it up. I want to make sure… I’d rather just do it myself. I know that it’s got to be done right.

Byron:                   And you know what else is like training people is hard. Training people’s hard. It’s harder. I know that if I have to train someone, it’s going to take me four hours than the 15 minutes if I just did it myself. But in doing so, you’ve got to think about your time ahead and go, “If I train someone to do this, that means that I might save hundreds of hours down the track. I’m not going to save it immediately, but I’m going to save it down the track.” So…

John:                     Again, processes… If you have a checklist and you give that to someone an SOP, I know you’re a fan of these. I used to do them all the time when I had my government, standard operating procedure. That, as a checklist, tied in with a fucking, a staff console, where staff can log in and watch training videos. This is how you do it. This is why. This is the input. This is the fucking output. That way you’re replacing yourself. And you’re not having those thoughts of Jesus Christ, I’ve got to find someone. I’ve got to hire them. I’m going to go through the whole thing, fucking myself. It’s going to… I may as well just do this myself. It’ll only take me two hours.

Byron:                   Well, I think the real joy is when you go, I think that they are the only person that can do this. And then you plug someone in and then you’re like, “Shit, they did it.” They do this better than me. Do you know what I mean? And I think that’s the biggest gift you can get as a business is if you can plug in enough people to business that can do it better than you, then…

John:                     Yeah.

Byron:                   You’ve solved it. You’ve cracked it.

John:                     That happened when I started working with Paul.

Byron:                   Yeah.

John:                     He was like setting up all of these filters and notification things and Gmail, had it all mapped out. I was like, “Jesus Christ, what the fuck?” Now I don’t know how to do it this way. This way is much more… So I’ve learned something. Bit of tweaking there, but we got… Yeah.

Byron:                   There’s something that Mitch Harper used to always tell me that it’s just like, if you get… He termed them as A-players. If you can bring in an A-player into your business in a certain area, then it’ll be a complete game changer. But finding that… He says, “Be incredibly patient with any form of hiring process. If you come out of the meeting or that interview, that person and you’re like, “Eh. Not a hundred percent there, maybe I’m 90%.” He’s like, “Just be patient. Just continue to wait until you get that right person.”

John:                     Yeah. You’ve got to kick out over a lot of rocks like that saying, “Hire slowly, fire quickly.” It’s so fucking true.

Byron:                   Yeah.

John:                     Yeah, processes again, you want to get processes in place. And I know for me just thinking while on this topic, I remember when I hired my first person to help out with content.

Byron:                   Yeah.

John:                     What a fucking sense of relief. I was like, “Aw, I don’t have to think about that shit anymore.”

Byron:                   Yeah, that’s it. Yeah. If you can really get someone that just even that knows all the dates that you need it by… They’re just like continue. Even if they could get on the phone and do the Q and A’s. I remember Rhys’ like, “I love the Q and A’s, because you find out some information. You learn a bit as you go.” But yeah if you can plug someone in that just fully takes it away from you to the point where you go from almost thinking every day about something to like, “Oh wow. I haven’t thought about that now for like a month, and it’s still working, and it’s gone really well.” That’s what you’ve kind of got it dailed in, I think. So, yeah-

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