Undercharging will eventually destroy your SEO business


  • Never drop your rates or negotiate a discount because a business owner asked you to
  • Get some fucking balls and stick by your prices
  • Clients that pay the least amount of money, make the most amount of noise
  • Everyone has a sad story. Business is business, they can either afford your services or they cant. Simple.


Matt:                     I think sometimes I get into the trap of putting myself in their shoes. Thinking, “If that was me and I had to pay that much money …” yeah, sometimes when it’s a smaller business and you think they’re going to struggle to pay it, you think, “Oh, should I be a little bit cheaper to these guys?”

John:                     Yeah, but it’s not your problem, Matt. It’s not your problem. Do you know, I think his names Mike from Oddball. He’s here on the central coast.

Matt:                     Oh yeah, yeah.

John:                     We met years ago. Probably five years ago we sat down at a café, and he said something to me that really resonated. It’s stuck with me ever since. He said, “These people that are asking you for cheaper rates or some sort of discount or whatever else, they’re essentially asking you to destroy your business in an effort to save theirs.”

John:                     I thought, “That’s so well said.” That’s true. If you keep lowering your rates and doing shit for peanuts, you’re going to find yourself sitting on that fucking train again going back to work.

Matt:                     Because you actually end up … or you have the potential to sabotage your good clients to look after the cheaper clients. You end up trying to do one thing for these because you think they’re struggling and you’re trying to help them out. But you’re not really doing much for your good clients or for the people that …

John:                     I don’t think anyone benefits when you start dropping your rates. It can be really easy to do, especially when you get desperate for money. When you start tying in desperation in and amongst business, that’s when you start making really stupid fucking decisions. But one thing for me is that I … because I spent so many years being fucking broke, I just assumed that everyone else was. But it’s interesting. I got a client at the moment, I just threw a $7,000 quote at him. He was like, “Yeah, not a problem, John.” Paid it. He’s been paying … he doubled down on his hours 5000 a month because we’re doing 30 hours a month instead of 15, and he’s just been banging those invoices out. $7000 for a web rebuild, didn’t hesitate. Rocked up here at my place, because he’s local, rocked up at my place in new brand new, big, fucking F250 which is $180,000 worth of truck. You need to remind yourself at times that what you think is big money, for someone else could be peanuts.

Matt:                     Yeah. No, you got to remind yourself. It’s a trap you’re in, you got to get out of it for sure.

John:                     Especially, Matt, if you’re doing the job right, if you’re providing a quality service, which I know you are, there are guys out there charging a lot more than us that are doing the job half assed. I don’t have a problem with charging $2500 a month because I know I’m providing a fucking brilliant service for their money.

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