Working casual or part time can help you start your SEO business


  • Consider working a part time job to cover basic expenses while you transition out
  • Don’t waste your time mucking around watching tv and partying on your days off
  • Invest in your education in order to be able to transition faster


John:                     One thing that you mentioned that I just want to touch on real quick, Matt, is how, you mentioned just a moment ago that you were using any bit of time to invest towards training and education, learning and thinking about an exit strategy from your job, even sitting on the train.

John:                     And I know I’ve had this discussion a lot with a lot of people that are still working full-time jobs, and typically my advice is move to a part-time role or see if you can stay in your job, move to a casual position. But what matters most of all is using that time. You know, if you work three days a week to cover your expenses, rent and food and fuel and fucking whatever else, using the other four days a week to do whatever you can to fucking fast track the process and be able to transition smoothly. I mean, how important was that for you, Matt? Was that a conscious decision that you made to use that time in order to get out?

Matt:                     I think the way it came about was I knew the contract was coming to an end and I just couldnt work out what I was going to do. But I did have to get a part-time job for a little while, and it just happened to be, I picked up, I think it was maybe three or four hours a day, just working, starting early and finishing round about lunch time. Then coming home and doing my SEO stuff. So that worked out. I did that probably for three or four months, and that sort of just covered enough. Then I was basically, yeah, I was getting that much work. I didn’t have time to do the part time thing anymore, so I just let that go and I was sort of, off and running then.

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