Working from home as a freelance SEO often means working in isolation


  • Working from home as a freelance SEO can be very isolating
  • The isolation isn’t something many people consider before quitting their jobs
  • Having a network to bounce ideas off and interact with can certainly be beneficial


Matt:                     What I find, especially in this industry, you spend a lot of time working by yourself. Unless you sort of reach out and get used to working with other people in the industry, you’re going to find it tough, because you don’t know everything, and there’s a lot of good experience around other people who had the-

John:                     Yeah.

Matt:                     – you can lean on, and that’s what I found really valuable with you, is that you’ve been doing it for a lot longer, and you’ve seen this things before, and just said, “Man, don’t stress about it, it’ll work out.” And it did. That’s when we got involved in coaching and that from then.

John:                     Right, okay. Yeah that’s right.

Matt:                     Yeah.

John:                     That must have been around seven years ago. Was it seven?

Matt:                     Yeah probably.

John:                    Yeah.

Matt:                     Yeah.

John:                     Something that you mentioned just then, which I don’t think a lot of people give too much consideration, especially people that are still working full-time jobs, it can be real easy to say I’m going to fucking quit my job, and I’m going to make money, and do SEO working from home. There’s pros and cons to working from home, and for me I found like, I don’t have a problem with it, but it’s certainly not for everyone. The isolation can be a real killer, or de-motivator for a lot of people, and I know I’ve had people around here, because I work from home, that see my office set up and think… I’ve had friends ask, and say, ” How the fuck do you stay motivated man?”

Matt:                     Yeah.

John:                     I’d be sitting in the lounge room watching Netflix all day.

Matt:                     Yeah.

John:                     Or I’d lose my mind if I was just sitting in a room all day, every day on my own. This is what I’ve said, it’s not for everyone. People say, oh you’re so lucky to be working from home, but I know some people aren’t cut out for the isolation factor alone.

Matt:                     Yeah.

John:                     I think that’s probably the reason Matt, why I’m active in a lot of the groups, not just to have a little bit of interaction, and have something different, problems to look at, but also network and learn.

Matt:                     Yeah.

John:                     Like I said, you can’t stay on top of everything.

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